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G2 - KK Recce Ride

About the event:

Created by Richard Bingham


  1. Nick Patow

    Baileys Hill Road ( the turn off right, after going down Baileys), had ice on it at circa 10am today, even though the roads were generally dry and the sun had been out for us since 8am. Tonight’s temperatures look similar to last night, so there’s every reason to expect the same conditions. The problem is run off of water from the fields, and there’s one area where it was ice right across the road. By then we were walking with our casualty,so skated over it.
    We had 4 fallers in total, with one significant injury. Sefi can no doubt give you the detail tomorrow.
    Keep safe

  2. Steve Rodgers

    I’ll see you fellow pain-seekers at Otford 🙂
    Hope your bikes are ready.
    Note – lots of flints about the past few weeks – good idea to let your tyres down and take a look for any bits you might find in them – popped quite a few out of mine this afternoon.

  3. Steve Rodgers

    from Otford…
    Row Dow, Tinkerpot, down Exedown, Bates, down Ightham Mote, Carters, down Riverhill, Hubbards, down Baileys, wander up to Fordcome, Penshurst, Groombridge, Kings Standing Ashdown, wheeeee down Chuck Hatch, roll along to Mark Beech, Ide Hill, Sundridge Hill, and relax 🙂

  4. Richard Bingham Post author

    Hi Alistair

    We had two groups last year and my average was about 15.5mph. Brilliant course and the weather looks good for Sunday. Hope to see you. Here’s Steve’s write up from last year which says it all really:

    “With some excitement the sun made an appearance over the weekend! I was the only person on the ride with knees (and elbows) out – so maybe I was a little more excited than everyone else to top up my tan-lines and vitamin D.

    The Moss group that ended up taking a long short-cut via Brands Hatch was SimonH, IanD and one or two more that I can’t remember.
    The rest of us ploughed on with a leg-wakener up Row Dow – a first for some in the group.
    We had ChrisD, RichardB, JamesH, Nolan, Bill, Big G on his fat bike, Russ and the very spritely Patrick in the all-the-hills-you-can-eat ride.
    It can be quite a daunting ride if you’ve not ridden it before – but I know this route so well now that I can envisage myself completing it and know exactly what’s coming. So it was quite relaxing to ride around it with lovely spring weather.
    Obviously I wasn’t very relaxed riding up some of the hills – and even the flat bits and downhill bits had hills!
    The time flew by – good riding and good company.
    The long stretch from Groombridge to the ice cream van at the top of Ashdown was fun – Patrick and I were chatting all the way whilst the HOTA riders streamed down past us in the other direction.
    The group was stretched out by the top and Chris, James and Nolan decided to wait a bit before continuing and shoo us on our way.
    I think they were waiting for us to go before tucking into a 99…
    We made it round at not too hectic a pace only a few minutes short of platinum time (for us old-timers) – which is encouraging.
    Oh – and Sundridge hill really is a sting in the tail – I was glad that was the last hurdle for us!
    Hopefully the conditions will be as kind to our KKers next week!”

  5. Alistair Drysdale

    Hi Richard,
    At what pace please? Curious as I like the idea of doing it (again!) but not if it’s G1 or G2, I can manage G2 but not over that route and for that distance and don’t want to join in and slow a faster group. Thanks Alistair.

  6. Steve Rodgers

    Bill I think you commented about an earlier start possibility on the KK meeting event.
    Note that what we normally do for this ride is to meet at the village hall car park in Otford.
    From there we head up Row Dow, then along Tinkerpot and onto the KK course.
    So we start with the last 2 climbs, but means we can skip the Brands out and back section.

    I would suggest the usual contingent meet at The G and head down to meet others that want to start in Otford.
    It also means that if you’re coming from further afield that you could drive here and take in the full route…

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