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Early Saturday ride - 40 Miles on the lanes with a couple of ups and downs.

About the event:

Created by Nick Patow

Meeting at the G from 7:45 for an 8am start.

Proposed route will take us out to West Malling via Fackenden, with a few lumps on the way back too.

Please indicate attendance on the event.




  1. Claire Clarke

    I don’t mind leading a group, it will be a slower rather than faster group though! But, after my little error last week not sure people will want that! I have copied the route onto ride with GPS, hopefully correctly this time.

  2. Nick Patow Post author

    Hi Claire, That’s no problem at all, we will of course look after Andy.

    All, Based on the current “Yes’s” and “maybe’s” we’re already looking at up to 15 riders, so two groups tomorrow.
    The current attendees list lends itself to a regular paced ride, and a slightly faster one, although we don’t have to split that way if the consensus is for similar paced groups. However, there is a need for at least one volunteer to lead a group as we’ll not be riding as one with these numbers.
    Hats in the ring please 🙂
    Also, please ensure you download the route

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