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Revolve24 - Endurance Relay

About the event:

Created by Graham Channon

If the Saturday 16th 4UP TTT wasn’t enough to satisfy your appetite join us 9.00am Sunday 17th September for the Revolve24 6 HOUR relay event – you and a teammate share 6 hrs of riding – so not much different from the Sunday club run except it’s on the historic Brands Hatch Race Circuit – smooth pot hole free tarmac + no motor vehicles to worry about! 

So far we have 5 people Marek/Graham/Steve/Chris D and Lee . . .  WE NEED AT LEAST ONE MORE RIDER!

I rode this last year and it was a lot of fun – and it would be great if we could get a few more teams to take part. When you’re not on the circuit you get to hang out in the garage and can see the progress of your team-mates on monitors.

So anyone else fancy it?

It’s £30 per person in a team of 2 – but we will get club discount – so before you enter get in touch with me.



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