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Saturday 10 - Q10/24 Grain (7 Oaks Tri). CANCELLED

About the event:

Created by Johnny Edwards

Date: Saturday 19th August 2017
Start Time: 3:00pm
Marshalled by: Sevenoaks Tri
Course Details:

  • NB: A rear light is required for every time trial
  • Please arrive at least 30 mins before the first rider leaves to stand a chance of riding. 
  • If you need to co-ordinate lifts please write below.
  • Please indicate your intention to ride via the RSVP mechanism


  1. Johnny Edwards Post author

    Just when you think we might get one event away without any drama (or circuses!). There are temporary lights on the Grain course today. They aren’t on 7 oaks tri have someone looking again late morning.

    Pease check this evenr before departing.

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