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Evening 2Up 10 - Q10/26 Brands Hatch (GS Avanti) - Helpers Only

About the event:

Created by Johnny Edwards

Date: Thursday 20th July 2017
Start Time: 6:30pm
Marshaled by: GS Avanti (us!)
Course Details:

Requested arrival time: Ideally 20-30mins before start time.
Minimum Number of helpers required: 8 required

This calendar entry is for TT helpers donating their time to run this GSAvanti event. The actual TT Event starts at 7.00pm, so please aim to be there from around 6:30pm if possible.

If you are offering your assistance (anyone is welcome to do so), please could you also mark this as “I’m attending” (and add a comment if required).

This really helps both Dave Bettinson (Time Trial Manager) and Ian Soper (General Secretary – incl. TT events) in planning the event.


  1. DaveB

    Thank you for volunteering to help

    Time keepers:
    Dan Pink, Dave Bettinson, Ian Soper
    Signage: Ian Soper
    Signing on: Claire Watson,Dave Bettinson.
    Pusher offs: Rob Grunfeld (if necessary,) PLUS ANOTHER PLEASE!
    RAB. Not essential, but two pusher offs are required as its a two-up event.

    Many thanks Dave B

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