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About the event:

Created by Graham Channon

The next introductory ride will take place on 22nd July, meet at 08:30am with the aim of leaving at 08:45am.

We will build on the last 2 intro rides and aim for 51km (31miles), an undulating route out to Limpsfield Chart with a coffee stop at Lullingstone visitor centre.

If any club members have friends / family who would like to join this please let them know. Club members are welcome to join us for some extra support, please just RSVP so I know how many helpers we have.

Please download the route here:

Thursday evening crystal ball weather forecast is overcast with max temps of 16ºc

Road bikes are recommended and if anyone has any questions either post here or email:

Thanks, Claire Clarke


  1. Tony Le Vey

    I’m going to see how my back is in the morning…. having not ridden for six weeks I am more than happy to manage things at the back if required.

  2. Claire Clarke

    Hi Tony. Thanks for the offer of help, we have plenty of helpers so if you don’t want to risk the back please don’t worry, I think we’ll be fine! Hope to see you soon though. Claire

  3. Tony Le Vey

    Saw the weather this morning and decided slippery roads were not for me… might do some turbo later… sciatica is getting better, but very frustrating! Really hope to be out soon… hope all went well today. This is a great initiative.

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