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Early Saturday Ride - John Caine Leading a 40 mile ride to Oxted, then Eynsford.

About the event:

Created by Nick Patow

The Early Saturday ride will leave the G at 8am, meet from 7:45.

The route is a rolling one, without any big hills, although the total climbing adds up by the end. The ride is mixed ability and will ride together at a pace to suit the group’s abilities on the day. Belmondo’s coffee awaits all at the finish.

Please indicate attendance on this event, to enable numbers to managed as necessary.



  1. Nick Patow Post author

    Hi all,
    I’m helping with the introductory 20 mile ride at 9am this Saturday, so can’t make the 40 miler. I might see you at the start if I get my act together for an early spin, or maybe along the back end of your route, which is shared with the introductory route. Then there’s Belmondos at the end of course !
    Have a good one.

  2. Steven Butler

    Apologies John, I am going to aim for the Sunday spin out to get some more miles in this week. Return to Saturday in a couple of weeks, if you can just keep up my coffee tab a while longer – cheers.

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