- 29/04/2017

Early Saturday Ride – 40 miles to the coffee…

Category: N/A

Owner: Nick Patow

Meeting from 7:45 or so for an 8am start.

As ever, the ride will finish at Belmondos Cafe in Green Street Green for the coffee lovers.

It looks like it'll be a fresh morning. If you're there in your shorts you'll get a bonus point !

Here's a route option to take us out on some lanes we've not been on for a while on a Saturday.


We'll ride as a group throughout, with the pace determined by fitness/ability levels of the attendees. There are a few more hills this week, with re-grouping and appropriate rest for all at the top of these.  See you there.

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- 30/04/2017

G2 Tulley’s Farm

Category: Club RidesG2


Steve to lead G2 on the same route as G1 to Tulley's Farm. You might even fancy trying G1 out and G2 back. http://www.tulleysfarm.com/tea-rooms G2 pace ~16mph 25-27kmh We won't be pushing beyond anyone's capabilities and we'll stick together all the way. Route to be posted but it's around 60 miles and pretty flat so. Please register to let me know you're attending.

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- 30/04/2017

G3 Sunday ride – close to home!

Category: N/A


I'm more organised this week, below is the route I thought we could do on Sun, approx. 55miles and we will ride at 15mph average. Obviously we will be faster on the flatter sections and slower on the hills! We will ride as a neat group but on the hills people can do their own thing and we will re-group at the top for long enough that everyone gets a chance to recover! The cafe stop will be quite near the end, at about 40miles (64km), Speedgate Cafe, so please make sure you have some food for during the ride.

Please, please RSVP, it really helps with planning in advance if we have a rough idea of numbers.


Thanks, Claire C.

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- 30/04/2017

G4 Hilden Golf

Category: N/A

Owner: DaveB 

G4 will visit the "house of Pink" to enjoy the delicacy's within. Route includes Polhill, Chipstead, up and down Ide Hill, past the Wheatsheaf pub, Penshurst Leigh, and you are there ! Approximately 40 miles @ 13-14mph. Dave B your ride leader

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- 02/05/2017

Tuesday Group Ride

Category: Club Rides

Owner: Lee Staples

Tuesday Group Ride between 1 - 3  hours dependent upon time of year / conditions. BBC Weather for Orpington Sunset & Sunrise Lights are always advised!! The rides will alternate weekly between a Chain Gang Tuesday and Hard Hills, but if weather is bad will default to a winter route. The rides are mixed ability; stronger, skilled riders must accommodate and help out other riders. Meet up and be ready to go at 19:30 hours outside Central Auto Centre, Green St Green. [map id="381"] Please note if less than 4 RSVP as Attending by 17:00 hours on the day, the ride is cancelled, unless otherwise stated on http://www.gsavanti.co.uk/groups/racing-training/; If you regularly change RSVP from Attending to Not Attending or MayBe your RSVP shall not be counted towards future Attending RSVP, please use MayBe. If you have any comments or question on the ride please post on http://www.gsavanti.co.uk/groups/racing-training/. Please note you must be self sufficient ie have suitable lights, clothing and fuel.

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- 06/05/2017

Saturday 10 – Q10/19 Tonbridge (Sydenham)

Category: Time Trial

Owner: Johnny Edwards

Date: Saturday 6th May 2017
Start Time: 7:15am
Marshalled by Sydenham Wheelers
Course Details: https://www.gsavanti.co.uk/activities/time-trials/q1019-tonbridge-bypass/

NOTE: From 2017, a rear light is required for every time trial (even day time events). No light, no time/points.

This is a fast and popular course and is held early in the morning to avoid any A21 traffic build up. As always is first come – first served, so suggest you aim to arrive 30 mins before to sign up, despite it being such an early start!

If you need to co-ordinate lifts please write below. Please indicate your intention to ride via the RSVP mechanism

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