- 18/10/2020

G1(.5) Club Ride, Frant & Yalding

Category: Club RidesG1


I'm proposing this route for the G1 ride, a 60 mile route taking in the Sydenham Wheelers reliability trial route and passing Teapot, as this is a reliable spot for coffee and cake with lots of outside seating.

Although posted as a G1 ride, in reality it will likely be a bit more relaxed. If we do have more than 6 people interested, we will split the groups.

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- 18/10/2020

G2 Sunday Ride – Marden and back

Category: N/A

Owner: colinpearson

Sunday ride from GSG to Marden and back. GSG car park departing at 8am. Chris D and Tony LV pace.

Route here (Marden Loop). Noticed it is 95km but easily cut short near Marden if weather is colder but largely flat so should be a decent pace.

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- 14/10/2020

Avanti Virtual Ride @18:15

Category: Club Training

Owner: nealenapier

Zwift Virtual Avanti ride. Hosted by Simon Vaughan or myself . Just follow us on Zwift to get the invite. They usually last for about 1.5 h.

We use a temp WhatsApp group to co-ordinate chat before and after the ride, which is setup on the day. We use Zwift in game messaging during the ride.

No need to RSVP here as it’s managed in Zwift.

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- 11/10/2020

G2 Club Ride- Yalding 50mi 9AM

Category: Club RidesG2


G2 paced ride on rolling 50mi loop to Yalding and back. We may or may not stop for coffee, we will see what the group wants to to.
Start at 9am

Looks like a chilly start though!

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