- 14/10/2018

Club Open Day Rides 14th October 2018

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Owner: tonylevey

We are planning to hold the second Club Open Day rides for 2018 on 14th October 2018. Coffee and cake on the club… It would be good to see as many club members as we can out on the day (in club kit please!). Could I ask that ride leaders for that date modify their routes to stop for refreshments at Speedgate Café? (normal meeting time at the G – generally 0900 for a 0915 start, although G1 & G2 normally leave 0900 sharp). We may also need some extra ride leaders that day, so if you are willing to help with your particular ‘G’, please let your ride leader know. Hopefully, everyone can arrive at roughly the same time (not an exact science and difficult to plan I know…). This is the perfect opportunity to stretch the legs and try the ride home from the café with a different group (hopefully a quicker one?!) Normal rules apply for club rides (no-one gets left behind, aside possibly from G1?), so why not give it a go? As I am not around on the 14th, Lee Powell will be the contact man on the day.

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- 13/10/2018

Early Saturday Ride – 40 miles in the lanes

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Owner: NickPatow

Meeting from 7:45 at the G for an 8am start Route as follows...... Please download the route, and can the experienced riders be prepared to help out with leading duties should numbers be high. Thanks

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- 09/10/2018

Tuesday Group Ride

Category: Club Training


Tuesday Group Ride between 1 – 3 hours dependent upon time of year / conditions. BBC Weather for Orpington Sunrise Lights are always advised!! The rides will alternate weekly between a Chain Gang Tuesday and Hard Hills, but if weather is bad will default to a winter route. The rides are mixed ability; stronger, skilled riders must accommodate and help out other riders. Meet up and be ready to go at 19:30 hours outside Central Auto Centre, Green St Green. Please note if less than 4 RSVP listed as Attending by 17:00 hours on the day, the ride maybe cancelled, latest information is avaliable on the GS Tuesday night ride WhatsApp Group. To gain access to the GS Tuesday night ride WhatsApp Group please ask one of your fellow club members to add you. If you have any comments or question on the ride please post on Please note you must be self sufficient ie have suitable spares, lights, clothing and fuel.

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- 08/10/2018

October Club Meeting

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Owner: alanjarrett

The club holds a meeting open to all members every two months. We cover all matters large and small with the objective being to listen to ideas, agree the direction for the club and find people willing to take on actions (everything we do happens through members injecting energy and time into them). So please do come along if you can. If you can’t make it but have any ideas about what additional things we could do as a club or things we could improve (or better still what you’d be willing to contribute to help with either of those!) then send them to October's meeting will be from 8:00pm on Monday 8th October in a private room at The Chelsfield pub (right next to Chelsfield Station). Hopefully see you there.

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