Competitive Support

GS Avanti as a registered Amateur Sports Club has an obligation to invest in its Athletes, promote competitive Sport and the Club. To address this GS Avanti Amateur Sport Club needs you its member/athletes to compete in club kit and recount your competitive endeavours to the race results forum. Once you have posted to the forum please send a link of the forum post, along with race results and event entry payment receipt (scanned, photo, link or other) to
Results shall be reviewed and a support subsidy awarded for event entry if the following criteria are met:
  • Promotes the Club
  • Athlete is wearing Club jersey/kit
  • Is competitive
  • Promotes the Sport 
  • Athlete posts to Club Forums
A support subsidy shall be awarded up to 50% of the entry fee to a maximum of £20 per event. An individual athlete may be awarded a support subsidy for maximum of 5 events. The support subsidy is only avaliable whilst sufficient funds are avaliable in the current financial year competitive support budget.
Please note InterClub / Club TT,  non competitive events (such as sportives) and other events/race that already have a subsidy; do not qualify for this subsidy.
Any races / time trials where the above criteria are met are eligible – including but not limited to road racing, circuit racing, track racing, time trial, cyclocross and MTB racing.
If you have any question please email