Important interclub TT notice

New Guidance for attending interclub TT events

This weekend saw the return of the interclub TT series hosted by GS Avanti, 7Oaks Tri and Sydenham Wheelers. This is a fairly relaxed series of events that all club members are welcome (and encouraged) to attend- with entry costs to all events paid for you by the club so there is no reason not to have a go! They are great events to take part in, and a brilliant way to measure and track your fitness, as well as great training for riding faster! This year we are also tracking a road bike only league, so you don’t have to have “all the gear” to compete for a trophy.

You will see each of the events listed as ‘events’ on the website, and you can also see the list of events on this Google sheet:

On one tab you will find the whole list of interclub events, with course info linked to each, and on the other tab you will find the list or marshals for the events our club are running- please do volunteer if you can!

Unfortunately due to the ongoing Covid restrictions, we have to make some changes this year which means you have to bring a couple of extra things with you if you want to take part this year.
You will need to bring with you:
Safety pins (for pinning on your number)
Pen (for signing on with)
Front and rear light (this is going to be a permanent rule for our interclub events going forward as most events are near sunrise or sunset).

We also have to ban static trainers for warming up on- please only warm up on the road!

That is a summary of the changes we have introduced- the full set of rules we need to follow to stay Covid secure can be seen below.
If you have any questions, please ask!

Here is a link to the 7Oaks Tri info sheet for riders- please have a look at it before attending their organised events, but as far as I can tell they are the same as our rules, just with links to slightly updated CTT documents:

I wish everyone a happy and safe TT season, and look forward to seeing you all out there!

Sam Dorkings
Avanti TT Secretary

New Interclub TT rules to remain Covid Secure

While government social distancing guidance applies to limit the spread of Covid-19, the CTT Covid Risk assessment[1] must be followed. Additional ‘user friendly’ guidance can be found in their document, “Putting on a Cycling Time Trials Event during COVID-19”[2].

In order to follow this risk assessment and guidance, the following new rules will be in effect for interclub events organised by GS Avanti:

  1. If you have been advised to shield, do not attend the event.
  2. Maintain at least 2m social distancing from anyone outside your household at all times.
  3. Bring your own pen to sign on and safety pins- these will not be provided!
  4. If you feel unwell in any way, do not attend the event. If you have an abnormally high or quick to respond heart rate while warming up, inform the start timekeeper that you will be DNS and leave the event.
  5. Warm up on the road only- no turbo trainers or rollers allowed.
  6. Please arrive to the start a maximum of 5 minutes before your start time. We will make extra effort to ensure the event starts exactly on GPS time to help you. We cannot look after any items for you at the start- sorry!
  7. At the start you must start with one foot on the ground- no one will be able to push you off.
  8. Once you have finished the event, please put your number in the bin bag at the HQ (remember to take your pins) and please go home. Results will not be given at the event- the provisional results will be photographed and sent to all clubs ASAP after the race instead.
  9. We cannot provide mechanical support to riders- please make sure you have any tools or spares with you during the race.



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