HHV – Sprinters League 2020

As 1st and only HHV – sprinter league race of the year was sold out and had a few unfamiliar faces having travel some distance to take part. Thankfully unlike last week, Saturday Evening was warm and the bar was open to keeping the spectators lubricated. Due to new social distance measures, all rides where assign bubbles/groups based on prior flying 200m TT, for me that meant group B.

The 1st seeding event was flying 200m TT, this shuffled a couple of rider around the groups with 1 switching A to B, 2 B to C, and vice-versa, but I stayed in the B group seed 7th overall, 1st in B group. The fastest overall Hayden Norris recording a time of 0.10.81, just a tiny bit slower than the track record held by Callum Skinner – 10.78 (Olympic Rider) and Sean Mayer – 10.79 (Local Rider)

My first heat just rode as another Flying 200m TT as was a getting a little dark to be changing gears (note to self bring a torch), but as was against the lowest seed in B group (14th seed overall) had enough speed just to ride with them in the wheel to the line.


Video credit Sam Dorkings.

Semi-Final was head to head with a big guy Tom, who took the lead but was very low on the track giving me enough space to push the speed up on the outside. When he jumped for the sprint on the exit of 2nd turn was in his wheel a little early so backed off an up the track, created a gap to sprint into, and carry extra speed around the outside of turn 4 to cross the line 1st.

For the Group B final was against Bo Mayer (now where have I seen that name before) an under 16 Team GB apprentice. Mayer rode a great race, took the lead very early, and using low gears to block every acceleration and when he did go didn’t have a chance to wind up the big 54×12 (9.5 metres / 120 inches) I was rolling on. Lesson learnt for next time don’t race someone a 1/3 of your age, but if you do bring a torch and gear down as Juniors are limited to max gears size (6.93 metres / 88 inches).

Big Thanks to Paul D and Sam D for the trackside support.


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