Early Saturday Time Trial – the Cudham Circuit (7 May 7.15am)

This Saturday (7.15am), GSA will be running a Time Trial on the local Cudham circuit. It’s free to enter for GSA members, and we organise the marshalling, insurance, signs and timing. If you have not done a TT before, it’s competitive but also fun. A great way of actually meeting lots of like minded cyclists.

It starts and finishes just near the car park in Cudham village (at the park).

After this Saturday, we have a run of Thursday evening events through the summer months. Entrants come from GSA, 7Oaks Tri and Sydenham Wheelers. There are a range of competitions over the season, including ones that adjust for your age. Around half the entrants typically use road bikes.

If you have not done a TT before, a few tips!

  • Check out the course online – though this one is particularly simple. The event page has details.
  • You need both front and rear lights fixed to your bike – ones that work. It’s TT requirement (as is wearing a helmet).
  • Try and get to the start area, to sign in, about 30 minutes before the start. Gives you a chance to warm up.
  • Signing in is simple – and we give you a number that you pin on to your back.
  • Cycle safely – it’s no different to any other cycling. While you only have three left turn junctions on this course, you still have to stop traffic. Marshals and warning signs are at the junctions, but they are not there to stop the traffic.
  • As a simple tip, maintaining a seriously hard effort without blowing up is the key – it’s easy to go too hard early on, only to realise it’s 10 miles of cycling. On the Cudham circuit you finish by going up a hill of course.

So hope to see plenty of Avanti members there – and if you don’t want to cycle, marshalling support is also very welcome.



GSA TT Secretary



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