Cudham Inter Club TT – 27 May 2021

Thought I’d share a few thoughts about the Cudham TT tonight – largely aimed at anyone new to doing a Time Trial.

It looks like being the first warm (ish) and dry evening for a TT this year. Would be great to see some first timers from the club. It’s a route using roads that most in the club will know – Cudham Lane, Main road through Knockholt, down Rushmore and then along the A21 to the Green First rider off at 7.30, but aim to be there before 7.00pm to sign in and warm up.  There are more organisational details on the Event page.

The route starts/finishes at the recreation ground at Cudham (car parking), starting with a gentle climb to the left turn at Main Road, and finishing with the climb from the Green St Green RAB – great for climbers. Many will do the route on a standard road bike and no aero kit – me included. In fact, if you are riding a TT for the first time, having a crack on a road bike probably makes sense.

While the route sits climbers, it’s also fun for the likes of me – getting some pace down Rushmore and along to the Green. You get a very big spread of times for the loop as a result. Club record sits with Jon Harris at 21:50, but there are plenty of us who will be closer to the 30 min mark, or over.

We still have COVID protocols, so you will need to bring 4 safety pins (for your number) and a biro to sign on. You also need a front and rear light. Cycling a TT is no different to any other cycling on public roads – safety first! You will also see marshals around the course in Hi Viz.

The event counts towards a range of championships which I won’t detail here.

So – why not give it a go? It’s friendly and social, and a chance to see others in the club. For all the Zwift fans, it’s a great route to test whether your online fitness transfers to the outdoors. I’m certainly hoping it does!


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