Time Trial – Rules


Each year from April until September GS Avanti runs and takes part in a series of Time Trial events.

The full calendar can be seen here.

Approximately 20 events, mostly on Thursday evenings, some on Saturdays take part on 6 different courses. Some are flat, some undulating and some downright hilly!

We have 3 competitions that run throughout the season:

Inter-club Competition

All Time Trials are organised and run between the 3 participating clubs –  GS Avanti, Sydenham Wheelers and 7Oaks Tri. Members that participate score points for the club on the inter-club competition as well as individual points for the GS Avanti competitions.

All club members – 1st and 2nd claim – can score points for the club. 2nd claim members need to be registered before the first Inter Club Committee meeting of the year for their inter club points to qualify.

Points are allocated with 10 points for overall first on the event, 9 for second and so on with 2 points for 9th place, then 1 point for everyone that finishes. So it’s important to just take part – everyone scores for the club!

1st Clam vs 2nd Claim Membership

When you join a cycling club as your only club, that is your first claim club. If you subsequently join a second (or third etc) club, these will be your second claim club(s). Second claim membership normally entitles you only to ride club events promoted by that club and benefit from membership perks etc, but you can’t race open events in their kit. However, for league and championship races and to count as part of a scoring team, you have to compete for your first claim club, or not participate in that league.  This system is primarily designed to stop riders swapping from club to club regularly.

From British Cycling Road & Track Rules:
7.10.1 A rider may only be a first claim member of one club for all forms of road and track competition.
7.10.2 A competitor in an open event may only enter and compete in the name of his first claim club, as an individual member, or as a member of a National, Region or Association representative team.

GS Avanti Championship Challenge – Scratch

Only fully-paid 1st-claim members can score points on the individual competitions. More points are on offer for the finishers than on the inter-club. 1st place lands you 20 points, 2nd 19 and so on until 20th place is 1 point.

The points are calculated amongst 1st-claim Avanti members only – not where you came overall in the inter-club results. On days when fast club riders are not out there are more points available to be picked off.

At the end of the season your best 8 results from the year are totalled.

A perfect season is to obtain 8 1st places netting you 8 x 20 points = 160 points.

You will only be placed in the competition if you have 8 or more completed Time Trials – important to keep track of throughout the year for those that don’t take part every week.


GS Avanti Championship Challenge – Handicap

To give everyone a chance of competing on a more level playing field, we also run a handicap competition in parallel with the scratch one. The qualifying principles are the same as the scratch – 1st-claim members, best 8 results and 20-1 points on offer for places.

The ranking for each event is based on an age-factored handicap.

Your age for the competition is taken as your oldest age that you will be during the calendar year of the season. e.g. if you start the season aged 40 and have a 41st birthday in June then you are allocated the age 41 for the whole season.

Women use the same sliding scale as men, but with an 8 year advantage. So women get the same reference time as a man 8 years their senior.

Each distance event has a reference time for your age and gender, the difference in time between your resulting time and the reference time will be either positive or negative – if you are faster or slower than the reference. That difference is used to rank the results for the each event.


  • a 40 year old man has a 10 mile TT reference time of 25:31. If he rides a 10 mile TT in 26:31, then he is one minute slower than the reference, so his result is -1:00
  • a 40 year old man has a 10 mile TT reference time of 25:31. If he rides a 10 mile TT in 24:31, then he is one minute faster than the reference, so his result is +1:00
  • 50 year old woman has a 10 mile TT reference time of 29:19. If she rides a 10 mile TT in 26:19, then she is three minutes faster than the reference and so her result is +3:00

In the above 3 results the 50 year old woman comes last in the scratch results for that event but comes first in the handicap because she beat her reference time by the biggest margin.

You will see that the incentive is to beat your reference time – you do not get a fixed number of seconds as a benefit for your age.

GS Avanti TT Reference : Handicap Reference Times