Time Trials – Results

This section contains the inter-club results (including event points, number of riders and also running totals per club).

Please visit the Time Trial page for more details and a simple HTML TT event calendar or the TT Events page for details of all forthcoming TTs (that have been entered into the club website.)

All three clubs take turns to marshal the Time Trials and the “Helper Only” events are for GS Avanti volunteers to register as one of the required marshals.

Timetable and Interclub Results

20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch1Lee StaplesGS Avanti24.23
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch2Richard BirtwistleSydenham Wheelers24.36
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch3Chris Hansen7 Oaks Tri24.39
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch4Mark NewtonSydenham Wheelers24.41
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch5Steve RodgersGS Avanti25.01
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch6Andy Evans7 Oaks Tri25.09
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch7Rob GrunfoldGS Avanti25.15
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch8Andrew SouthGS Avanti25.26
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch9Fergus ClinchSydenham Wheelers25.59
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch10Simon HeatonGS Avanti26.02
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch11Johnny EdwardsGS Avanti26.03
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch12Robert RoystonSydenham Wheelers26.2
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch13Marek SasuraGS Avanti26.24
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch14johnathon CoulsonSydenham Wheelers26.34
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch15Darius Sarshar7 Oaks Tri26.55
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch16David TwinSydenham Wheelers27.14
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch17Doug BentallSydenham Wheelers27.29
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch18Peter Conway7 Oaks Tri27.45
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch19Duncan Cochran7 Oaks Tri28.13
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch20Matthew Wall7 Oaks Tri28.42
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch21Georgie Butler7 Oaks Tri30.34
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch22Claire WatsonGS Avanti32.5
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch23Dave bettinsonGS Avanti33.55
20180517Q10/26 Brands Hatch24Sam DorkingsGS Avanti40.04
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge1Neil Harris7 Oaks Tri19.39
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge2David RummSydenham Wheelers20.3
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge3Mark NewtonSydenham Wheelers21.23
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge4Richard BirtwhistleSydenham Wheelers21.3
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge5Steve RodgersGS Avanti21.44
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge6Andy Evans7 Oaks Tri22
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge7Johnny EdwardsGS Avanti22.02
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge8Pete MahoneySydenham Wheelers22.19
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge9Martin Brown7 Oaks Tri22.22
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge10James Cooper7 Oaks Tri22.35
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge11Maraek SasuraGS Avanti22.4
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge12David TwinSydenham Wheelers23.02
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge13Doug BentallSydenham Wheelers23.15
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge14Steve Walker7 Oaks Tri23.16
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge15Darius Sarshar7 Oaks Tri23.22
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge16Sam Glover7 Oaks Tri23.25
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge17Neal Watson7 Oaks Tri23.25
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge18Hamish BrownGS Avanti23.52
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge19Chris DinesGS Avanti23.57
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge20Duncan Cochrane7 Oaks Tri24.36
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge21Jane Wiley (W)7 Oaks Tri25.02
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge22Dave BettisonGS Avanti28.45
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge23Dave MulfordSydenham Wheelers30.28
20180505Saturday 10 - Q10/19 Tonbridge24Janice Bailey (W)GS Avanti30.51
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill1Chris Hansen7 Oaks Tri23.01
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill2Andrew Evans7 Oaks Tri23.52
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill3Sam DorkingsGS Avanti24.02
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill4Richard BirtwhistleSydenham Wheelers24.04
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill5Lee StaplesGS Avanti24.56
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill6James Cooper7 Oaks Tri24.57
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill7Marek SasuraGS Avanti25.3
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill8Simon HeatonGS Avanti25.34
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill9Fergus ClinchSydenham Wheelers25.36
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill10David TwinSydenham Wheelers25.41
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill11Steve Walker7 Oaks Tri26.14
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill12Robert RoystonSydenham Wheelers26.35
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill13Nolan WilkensGS Avanti26.49
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill14Peter Conway7 Oaks Tri26.5
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill15Nick PatowGS Avanti27.39
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill16Duncan Cochrane7 Oaks Tri27.53
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill17Chris DinesGS Avanti28.23
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill18Valerie Place7 Oaks Tri28.27
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill19Robert Evans7 Oaks Tri28.42
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill20Claire Edwards7 Oaks Tri28.56
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill21Derek TaylorSydenham Wheelers29.3
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill22Georgie Butler7 Oaks Tri30.15
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill23Claire WatsonGS Avanti31.48
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill24Daniel StupnerSydenham Wheelers32.54
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill25Dave MulfordSydenham Wheelers36.33
20180426Evening 10 - Q10/18 Polhill26Hamish BrownGS AvantiDNF
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)1Chris Hansen7 Oaks Tri24.42
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)2Martin Brown7 Oaks Tri25.34
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)3Andy Evans7 Oaks Tri26
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)4Andrew SouthGS Avanti26.15
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)5Rob GrunfeldGS Avanti26.25
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)6Richard BirtwhistleSydenham Wheelers26.26
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)7Dan PinkGS Avanti26.3
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)8Sam Bennett7 Oaks Tri26.4
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)9Johnny EdwardsGS Avanti27.08
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)10Peter Conway7 Oaks Tri28.08
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)10Dave TwinSydenham Wheelers28.08
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)12Michael BishopGS Avanti28.22
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)13Darius Sarshar7 Oaks Tri28.31
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)14Duncan Cochrane7 Oaks Tri30.05
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)15Simon LumsdonGS Avanti30.39
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)16Alan JerrettGS Avanti31.14
20180331April Fools 10 - G10/38 Sundridge (Sydenham)17Claie WatsonGS Avanti34.48