Time Trials – Results

This section contains the inter-club results (including event points, number of riders and also running totals per club).

Please visit the Time Trial page for more details and a simple HTML TT event calendar or the TT Events page for details of all forthcoming TTs (that have been entered into the club website.)

All three clubs take turns to marshal the Time Trials and the “Helper Only” events are for GS Avanti volunteers to register as one of the required marshals.

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Timetable and Interclub Results


Event Results (Current Season Only)

See the Time Trial Results Archive to perform analysis across several seasons.

iPts = Inter-club Points
sPts = GS Avanti Scratch Points
hPts = GS Avanti Handicap Points
hTime = Handicap time difference in seconds (aged based target time – actual time; see TT Rules for more info)