Q10/7 Higham

The meeting place for this course is HERE! To get to the start, you come out of the lay-by onto the roundabout, cross over the top of the A289, then straight over the second roundabout and up the hill. The start is roughly where the number 66 appears on the map. From the start you go back down the hill, across the first roundabout to the second roundabout where you turn right (caution tight turn) down the slip road to join the A289. You then follow the A289 heading West until you reach the big roundabout, where you turn and retrace back to the slip ramp that brings you back up to the first of the two small roundabouts. Here you turn right back over the A289 to the second roundabout to repeat the course again. The finish is on the slip ramp at the end of the second circuit.