Time Trial Course: Q10/27 Brands Hatch

Course Description:
Start at the clearway sign at the southern end of the first layby on A.20, approximately 3/4 mile from Farnborough RAB on the southbound carriageway. Proceed south via West Kingsdown to turn at Wrotham RAB (M).Retrace on A.20, to finish approx 50 meters before the start alongside a clearway sign at a point opposite the field access, on the east side of carriageway.

Note: As of 2016, this course replaces both Q10/26 and Q10/25 which were variations that included the (now removed) left hand turn into Eynsford to finish.

Course Map:
Pending. Please see the Strava segment.

Parking: (note postcode takes you to the Nursing home, whose entrance joins the layby)
Main Road Gorse Hill, West Kingsdown, Longfield

On the A20 (Main Toad Gorse Hill) in the first layby just past Scratchers Lane near the top of the hill.

Parking Map:

Strava Segment: