GS/311 Gracious Lane Hilly 21 (Baileys, Hubbards)

The course starts in White Horse Road HERE!After the start you take the first left and follow the rolling road to come out at the top of Ide Hill. You drop down Ide Hill and take the first turn left round the back of Bough Beech Reservoir. At the next junction turn right (care) down to Chiddingstone Causeway. Turn left onto the causeway and through towards the village. Just before the village turn left again and follow the road all the way to Sevenoaks Weald. At the crossroads go straight over (care) and up Hubbard’s Hill. At the top turn left along Gracious Lane and left again over the bridge. You then take the first right as if you are starting the course again. You follow the same roads until after Bough Beech Reservoir. At the next junction on the first lap you had turned right, this time you turn left and follow the road gradually upwards through to the next junction. Left once more and up Bailey’s Hill. Turn right at the top (care) to finish where you started.