Time Trials


Inter-Club Time Trial Series

We run an inter-club time trial series in the spring and summer of every year, usually hosted on a Thursday evening. We compete against Sevenoaks Tri and Sydenham Wheelers over a variety of local courses. It’s a great event and there is a high turnout of riders from all ages and ability levels.

From the 2019 season onwards all inter-club TT fees are settled by the club at the end of the year – riders are not required to pay anything.

The scheduled start time is the time that the first rider starts, so aim to arrive at least 20 minutes beforehand to pay the entry fee, get your number and go for a quick warmup. Each rider starts one minute apart.

The results will be available on our site a few days after each time trial, and points are tallied throughout the season. Trophies and awards are available for the riders with the most scratch and handicap points. Find out more info on our Discord server.

From 2014, entry was restricted to members of GS Avanti, Sevenoaks Tri or Sydenham Wheelers clubs due to popularity, but several riders do currently ride for GS Avanti as their second (claim) club. For evening races, the number of riders is restricted by the available day light and there is a predetermined cut-off which limits the number of competitors.

NOTE: Both a front and rear light are required to race. No lights, no time/points.

Time Trial Course Details

Time Trial Timetable

Time Trail Nomenclature

In case you wondered: Q means Kent, G Surrey, E Essex and so on. 10 means 10 miles. So, course Q10\26 is the 26th 10 mile course in Kent.

Old courses retain their number but are no longer used i.e.Q10/2 (originally from Farnborough Hospital to Badgers Mount to the finish in Shire Lane) has not been used since the M25 opened.

Open Time Trials

There are TTs around the UK and Europe that are well-attended and the club can help you to get involved in participating and helping at these events.