Exploring off road

With gravel riding becoming more popular there are more and more club members with bikes capable of riding on road as well as off.

MTB trails were often limited to quite local rides but with the faster road riding of gravel and cx bikes there are many more opportunities to explore further afield.

Here is a selection of helpful information.

  • Check maps and signs – ensure you’re riding on road, bridleways or permissive/restricted rights of way.
  • Do not ride on footpaths – it might seem like they are ok if they are quiet but tyres can churn up the paths and you might encounter dogs, walkers, children in a more confined space.
  • Do not ride in fields other than through marked rights of way.
  • Make sure you have shoes capable of climbing over rocks and mud in case there are problems on the trails.
  • Make sure you are fully self-sufficient in terms of spares, repairs and food/drink if you are out in the middle of nowhere.
  • Use a ride tracker service if you’re riding solo so that if you run into trouble you can be reached.

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