Saturday Rides

Saturday Rides are now a staple event for GS Avanti with many devout Saturday Ride followers. The 8am depart is ideal for members that want to get a ride in early and be home early to get on with the rest of the weekend.

If you aren’t in a rush then you can sit back and enjoy a coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even a cake at Belmondo, which is frequented at the end of each ride.

We meet up for an 8am depart and rides last about 2 to 2 and a half hours (generally 40 miles / 65km). Pace is mixed and the vibe is social and open to all members.  On the occasions when there’s a large group, we split into two smaller groups, sometimes this will be a faster and slower group, sometimes it’s just a few 100 meter gap to keep safe on the road.

Saturday Ride Coordinator: Nick Patow or a suitable deputy when Nick can’t make it.

An event is created each week for the Saturday ride where you can log your attendance.  This is helpful in planing the ride on the day and to organise groups or additional ride leaders, should they be needed. It’s also helpful to know who hasn’t yet arrived before the Grand Départ.

Also on the event page a route is posted.  Please download onto your GPS device, this is helpful for a number or reasons; you can assist anyone should the groups split or if you make a wrong turn, device backup should there be a technological hitch and it takes some pressure off the ride leader and you can even have a turn on the front.

If you haven’t joined a Saturday ride before – then get yourself to the ‘G’ aka The Royal Oak car park.

Finally don’t forget to check out the ride write up on the club forum



  1. Alan Jarrett

    Many thanks for everyone’s company today it was a very enjoyable ride despite 2 punctures – the season has started! I really appreciated your turns at the front, especially as we turned into the breeze near Hever. I tried my best to lose some of you – note to self ‘pay more attention to what’s going on at the back’ 🙂

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