Club Rides

The Weekend club runs are at the heart of GS Avanti and occur no matter the weather. With four groups of varying speeds and distances to choose from, it is easy to find a ride that’s perfect for you. Starting from Green Street Green, Orpington, our groups head straight into the countryside and explore some of the most beautiful cycling routes in the South East. Taking in lanes in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex – we have a great knowledge of the best routes to enjoy on your bike.

The main club rides are on Sunday with start times from 9am, but we also have a popular Saturday ride starting at 8am: Saturday all comers – click for more information

A friendly, vibrant and welcoming atmosphere means our group rides provide the best opportunity to explore the North Downs with other enthusiastic cyclists. New riders are most welcome. Just turn up, introduce yourself and we’ll look after you. More details about our groups, including the speeds and distances travelled, are available using the menu to the right. Be reassured that we stop for punctures, mechanicals and ensure that no riders gets lost.

Where we meet

Our Sunday rides meet at the The Royal Oak, High Street, Green Street Green, Orpington, BR6 6BJ

We usually meet between 08:45 and 09:30 on a Sunday and 8am on a Saturday depending on the time of year and the ride level – details will be posted on the individual ride events each week.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our membership secretary, who will be happy to recommend an appropriate group for you and answer any other queries.

Club Ride Rules

Riding in a group is very different from riding on your own. Other cyclists in the group are depending on you to ride in a safe and predictable manner, so it is important to adhere to ‘group riding etiquette’. Most of our new members join us without group riding experience and the best place to learn is in G4 (our introductory group). The following tips may help:

    • Never brake sharply if someone is right behind you (unless it’s an emergency).


    • Please point out the potholes.


    • Never overtake another rider on the inside, unless you shout “coming through” or something similar.


    • Never turn sharply or move unpredictably, unless you give plenty of warning.


    • If you are at the front of the group and miss a turning, do not make a last minute manoeuvre. Instead, continue past the junction and turn when safe.


  • If you puncture or have a mechanical, please shout loudly so the group is aware and can help you.

It is strongly recommended that if you are a new Avanti Club member and you do not have the experience of group riding that you take a position at the back of the group for a few rides, this will help you to become familiar with different members riding styles, the road conditions and the variations of the routes the Club use, also at the rear you can gain relatively safely experience of group riding, regarding the Wednesday ride it is important that riders have a good level of experience as the pace and demands often exceed the Sunday rides.