Weekly Update!

Dear Avanti Member,

The new year 2016 has already seen a proposal by Chris Dines to transform GS Avanti into a Community Amateur Sports Club together with an increased focus on training and racing, and it is only going to get even more exciting from here...

Kentish Killer

We are getting very close to Sunday 28th February and the Kentish Killer, and it’s fantastic that so many of the club members will be helping on Saturday and Sunday. Helpers will be receiving this year’s version of the T-shirt and a commemorative mug as a small token of appreciation. All funds raised will either support club’s cycling activities or our charity partner The Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance. Thirty of their supporters will be also helping on the big day! Our final KK planning meeting will be this Monday – 8pm at Westcombe Park RFC. All those helping with organisation, please attend.


Cycling is fun and cycling is generally good for your health (beware of loose dogs and cats!), and the next step is racing to crank it up one notch. We have now 10+ members who have attended the Novice Race Training Days at the Cyclopark and as such they have gained their sought-after entry-level Category 4 racing licences. Armed with their licences we have several members who have entered the SERRL (South East Road Race League) races in March and in April. Jonathan Owen is our race captain and coordinator.

In addition to the above we have several members who have signed up for the LVRC races (League of Veteran Racing Cyclists) taking place at the Cyclopark in February and March (all riders who are 40+ qualify). If you fancy racing, then this year is a great opportunity as you will have plenty of friendly team mates on the start line!

Turbo Sessions

There is no doubt that Zwift is a very attractive proposition. However, if you want to push even harder when you see other club members "revving their engines in red", Avati Turbo Sessions every Wednesday at 8pm at the Westcombe Park RFC are a great opportunity if you can make it. They are free and open to all members. Just bring your turbo, bike and a towel. We always conclude with a round of drinks. These sessions will run until mid March.

Ronde de Flanders

The Tour of Flanders is approaching fast and this year we will have an Avanti expedition on an epic scale (30+). I have not done it before and I must admit I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat when I imagine 250km in one day with steep cobbled climbs, cross winds and rain. However, if you do your interval training (turbo sessions), enough miles on Saturdays and Sundays with several long-distance rides (please see below) you have nothing to fear. Simples!


Club Rides this Weekend

Saturday Ride – Claire will be your ride leader (welcome back!) and it will be as always a 40 miler, at a comfortable pace that accommodates anybody who turns up. Guests are always welcome, as it’s a good introduction to club riding. The meeting point is Poppy Cafe with a departure at 8am. Please indicate on the website your attendance. 

On Sunday, we have:

G1/G2 will be led by Chris Moss & Steve Rodgers and we are planning to ride to Rye and back. We need at least four committed riders by Saturday morning otherwise we will do a shorter local ride. There will be several early turning points for those who are short of time or prefer a shorter ride. The weather forecast is changeable and it will dictate what we do on the day. The meeting place is the Royal Oak Car Park with a departure at 8am.

G3 will be led by Lee Powell and it will head to the lovely Tulley's Farm. It is a nice and fairly flattish route of 60 miles. The meeting point is the Royal Oak Car Park with a departure at 9.15am.

G4 will be led by DaveB and the destination is the Cyclopark in Gravesend. It will be about 40 miles. If it is frosty, an alternative destination and route are likely. The meeting point in the Royal Oak Car Park with a departure at 9.15am.

Please indicative your attendance on the website to help with planning. It takes only two seconds, maybe three at most. :-)


Take care out there in the cold and wet! Over and out.