Jings, crivvens, help ma boab!

Dear reader

As a Scot, it's that time of year where it's really easy to stock up on haggis - Burn's night is coming! Haggis is a delicious speciality from back home. I've tried several English versions but they were terrible. I think it's because it's hard to catch them in the wild down here and they don't travel well.

Here's a picture of the cute little creatures in the natural habitat - if you ever make it to Scotland - keep a look out for them.


On Monday we held out AGM at Bromley Court Hotel - it was well-attended.


• Richard Short has taken over from Ian Soper as club secretary - thanks for all the hard work over the years, Ian!

• Marek Sasura is the new kit manager.

• Chris Dines remains Chairman and laid out his plans for 2017 for the club.

The minutes will be available shortly in the club documents area on the website.

Kentish Killer

The KK is fast approaching - 5 weeks and counting.

By now the helper list has been put together - I think the last few members that haven't been included are still being reached out to - get in touch if you think you're not yet included.

The current helper list to get an idea of what you're doing is on the club documents area:


Sector leaders will coordinate with individuals to establish where, when to meet and their duties.

Any issues - get in touch kk@gsavanti.co.uk .

Kit Flash

Marek has taken over from me as the new kit manager - he should be easier to collect from than me.

We're expecting December's order to be delivered next week.

The club shop opens again on 1st February for 2 weeks - get any new orders in then.

Marek is contactable at kit@gsavanti.co.uk .

Club Rides This Weekend

Saturday ride - is on as usual.

Sunday we have a full complement of rides in spite of the weather - we are not just fair-weather cyclists:

• G1/2 - Richard Bingham and Marek will be guiding a safe ride around gritted roads.

• G3 - Steve Riley leads out to 4 Elms.

• G4 - Chris Dines leads out to East Peckham.

Stay safe, stay warm and keep those legs moving wherever you are.