Dear Avanti member,

The air temperature dropped to zero earlier this week and it is an unmistakeable sign that our summer kit belongs back to where we normally keep it and the winter kit needs to be called into action. I also had a quick chat with my winter bike just this week as it was weeping quietly in the dark corner of the garage, and hopefully we can re-discover our lost romance again.

When it comes to "Cycling is fun", I would like to share with you my two achievements of the week. I managed to convince my wife to try some intervals on the Wattbike in the gym. Obviously, she doesn't know how her power curve looks like so we just worked out some random numbers, and she actually enjoyed it and asked me to crank up her programme. The other achievement  is my junior colleague in the office who has signed up for the half Iron Man (1.8km swim, 90km bike, 21km run). He is already quite a good swimmer and runner but he hasn't done much cycling yet so we worked out a simple programme he needs to follow to get better on the bike and he even invested into a new set of power pedals. I am quite happy with that. I have managed to bring two more souls into the cycling world. Job well done.


Kentish Killer 2017

Let’s get down to business now! On Sunday the registration for the Kentish Killer 2017 opens. It is our main club event of the year and as a result of its success we are able to fund many club activities. Lee Powell will be taking over from Chris Dines in organising this event and he is looking for people who would be able to help with. If you are interested in being part of the organisation committee, please get in touch with Lee on


Christmas Dinner & Awards Presentation

Our annual Christmas Dinner and the Awards Presentation will be taking place on 14th December in Café Medi in Orpington. For £14 only you can expect a 3-course dinner, coffee/tea to follow, the awards presentation, live entertainment and the presence of your fellow club members in (hopefully) a non-cycling outfit in a relaxed atmosphere to reflect on the 2016 season and discuss the 2017 season. The event is subsidised by the club and it is organised as always by Dave Bettinson. Please register and pay online on the Rider HQ website.


Name & Flag

The club shop is closed for November but it will re-open again in December. The latest offering is a personal customisation of individual items whereby we can have a name and a flag printed on jerseys/gilets/shorts/longs for £4.80 per name/flag. Another good piece of news is that we are adding club socks to our offering and they will be available soon. Any questions you may have regarding our club outfit, please contact Sensei Rodgers on


Bexley CC Reliability Trial

On Sunday 20th November the G1/2 ride will be a little special. We will be doing the Bexley CC reliability trial. They have two routes (50km and 100km) and it is always fun to do something different for change. Typically in January we always do the Sydenham Wheelers reliability trial which is a similar event.

Training Session at the Cyclopark tonight!

Today evening we have another training session at the Cyclopark in Gravesend following a series of popular sessions this year and last year led by Lee Staples. The whole purpose-built circuit is reserved for us and we will be practising various drills from breaking, cornering, group riding, etc. Don't be coy, don't be shy! If you can, please join us tonight. It is a free event for members funded by the club.

Saturday Rides

Tomorrow we have a usual 8am ride. This time our one-and-only Membership Secretary Claire will be leading a bunch of daring riders on a usual 40 miler. It is a mixed ability ride and the pace is adjusted to suit the group.

This Saturday we also have a late morning ride led by Mick at 9.30am for those who fancy a lie-in after a long week.

Sunday Rides

On Sunday we don't have a ride leader yet for G1/2 but there will be a ride. As always, please come forward if you want to have a go at ride leading.  I am sure there are still new lanes and climbs to be discovered in our Kentish countryside. Please email on if you are interested.

G3 will be going to the Aylesford Priory which is a very nice destination and a nice route.  Please click here to register your interest.

There is no G4 ride posted yet but please keep your eyes on the website for an update.

Wrap up warm, ride safely and enjoy your weekend!