Dear Avanti members,

Tomorrow we have a big day! We have the finale of the Interclub Time Trial competition (Avanti, 7Oaks and Sydenham) and we are still in the lead! I understand that we have never won this competition although we were very close last year but we lost it in the final 4-up team time trial. Avanti has the biggest number of teams tomorrow and each team gets at least 4 points for finishing, and the winning team get 40 points! All hands on deck, every single team effort counts! 

Chris Dines has already sent an email regarding tomorrow's Team Time Trial at Brands Hatch. If you are participating and if you have not already done so, please email Chris at with (1) your age and (2) emergency contact details for the insurance purposes.

Please remember that you should arrive between 6.45am and 7.15am in readiness for a registration and a compulsory briefing at 7.30am before you can access the circuit for a practice run at 7.50am. There will be 80 participants and we hope also many family members, friends and supporters. Full details of the event can be found HERE. We now have the full list of teams and start times which can be found HERE.

There will be a range of photographers present and we hope to have pictures of all teams and an all-Avanti picture. Almost all members have a club kit now, please wear it tomorrow because (1) it is nice and (2) we will look great in the photographs.

To spice things up, there will be no Spice Girls but we are organising three prizes (in addition to the Interclub prize):

• The Fastest Team

• The Fastest Age-Adjusted Team

• The Fastest Team including at least one lady finisher 

Here are a few helpful pointers when participating in a team time trial:

• Keep your cadence the same when taking the lead, ride at a constant pace, avoid sudden breaking, look in the direction of travel and take a smooth line through corners

• Once finished with an effort upfront, check space around you to move out slightly and flick your elbow out on the side you want to be passed, ease off your effort slightly and accelerate just before you get to the back of the chain to keep the team intact 

• As the last rider in the chain, shout "Last Man" to the team member rotating to the back of the chain so that he/she can accelerate and stay with the team

• As the second rider in the chain, shout "Up/Faster" if the lead rider is too slow or "Down/Slower" if the ride leader is too fast and gaps are appearing in the chain, in general keep communicating with clear and loud instructions

• A British Cycling video for a chain gang can be found HERE

A final summary:

• Please arrive to the Brands Hatch Circuit between 6.45 and 7.15am

• A registration will take place between 7.00 and 7.30am

• A compulsory safety briefing will take place at 7.30am

• A practice run will start at 7.50am and finish by 8.10am

• The first team is out at 8.15am, the second team at 8.17am and the last time at 8.49am

• The track has to be vacated by 10am

• The prize presentation in the Media Suite will be at 10.15am

One final thing, you probably do not need lights, bottles, pumps or saddle bags on your bikes for the time trial.

There will be no Saturday ride but we will have Sunday rides with G1/2 led by Sam heading to Chiddingstone on a 100km roundtrip and stopping in the Most Romantic Cafe. There will be also G3 and G4 rides, please keep your on the website and on the road at all times! I am sure they will also stop in romantic cafes.

Best of luck and see you all tomorrow or on Sunday!