Hi Avanti Member!

Hope you enjoyed a great weekend for cycling!

A brief reminder about tonight. All members (and prospective members) very welcome, and even more so if you have joined in the past few months. We have our own area at one end of the pub (right hand side as you enter from the front). You can RSVP by clicking HERE.

We will lay on some drinks and food, and it's a chance to catch up with others in the club and find out more about what we all get up to - on a bike, at least.

No long talks or presentations, though we will bring you up to date on a number of things planned during the next couple of months. Johnny Edwards will also have a crack at explaining the current standings in the the various TT Champs we run.

Steve Rodgers will be there to answer questions on kit, and will highlight some new ideas on that front.

Look forward to seeing you this evening. I can't promise it, but I would be surprised if the TV Screens don't have some Olympic Coverage.