Hi Avanti Member!

The good times are rolling – in cycling at least!

After the Tour d'Anglais............

First off I’d like to welcome a lot of new joiners in July. Please give a big welcome to Sarah Cvejetan, Simon Perason, Peter Fordham, Alistair Drysdale, Ajit Tripathi, Denise Fisk, Jessica Dower, Michael Coulton and David Haines.

While welcoming new members, a quick mention that I will personally be chasing a number of members who are late paying their subs! We will soon be changing our membership fees (a small increase), so you have a couple of weeks before that changes!

The club now has its biggest membership, with a lot of new joiners. We plan to have a club get together so people can introduce themselves in the week commencing 15 August – details will be shared early next week.

Club Committee Meeting

All club members are very welcome to come along and contribute to the meetings we hold every 2 months. The next is this Monday at Westcombe Pk RFC.  CLICK HERE for details.

GS Avanti is a well-resourced club, with a growing membership that will soon top 150. We recently became a Community Amateur Sports Club as well. No different to other clubs we are run by unpaid volunteers, so are always looking to add to the team that help with different activities. We are also looking for ideas on where we can invest club resources for the future – so do come along if you can. I’ll even buy a round……

Ride London

We have a large number of Avanti members riding, including two team entries. Good luck to everyone, whether you are trying to break 5 hours or attempting your first 100 miler. There is an active forum attempting to coordinate starting points. CLICK HERE.

Team Time Trialling – time to partner up!

Avanti currently lead the Inter Club TT Champs (Avanti 336, 7Oaks 312, Sydenham 253). Unless someone tells me otherwise, we’ve never won this. However, the Championship scoring gets very weighted towards the 4UP in particular – so we’d like to see as many teams as possible. No experience is needed at all – in many ways the 2Up and 4Up are a good intro to trialling.

I and others will do our best to coordinate teams for the 4UP in particular – last year we had 8 teams! All details are on the website. If you want to participate, add your name to the forum – CLICK HERE.

Club Rides this Weekend – and Tuesdays

Despite other distractions (holidays, Ride London etc) we will have a full range of club rides this weekend. Please look at website homepage for more details – on this occasion I need to break off to do my day job!!

Finally, Tuesday rides are on – they go ahead on the basis that sufficient interest is noted on the club website. Lyle Porter coordinates this aspect.


Ride well, ride safely!