The weather is looking good, so why not try and make the effort to have a go at the Time Trial tonight. GS Avanti are league leaders at present, and we'd love to win the Inter Club championship for the first time (7Oaks always win!). Currently we have 308 points, 7Oaks, 288 and Sydenham on 233. Every participant wins at least a point - you just have to get over the line at the finish!

This is one of the simpler courses, and pretty much impossible to take a wrong turn (famous last words). 5 miles of undulating uphill, followed by a high speed 5 miles to the finish. CLICK HERE for all details.

We are doing the marshaling tonight, so make sure you registered by 7pm. First rider off at 7.30pm.

Don't forget, you don't need any special kit or experience to take part - and nearly 50 different club members have already done so this year. It's just about putting yourself through the pain barrier and then feeling good (sort of) afterwards. Just imagine you are Chris Froome doing today's hilly Time Trial at the TdeF!

I will be "pushing off" so you will get an extra shove if you are an Avanti member.

Above all else - ride safely, and "head up"!

Take care