So, having got the Referendum out the way, back to cycling - which has been interrupted by the weather rather than politics recently.

The Cudham TT was cancelled due to the downpour on Thursday and the previous Thursday evening was cancelled due to roadworks - hopefully we will have no problems on the Isle of Grain tomorrow.

Time Trials this week.

There is 2 UP Time Trial at the Isle of Grain - 3pm tomorrow (Saturday 24 June). That means you need a partner to ride with. The best place to advertise that you are looking for someone is on the Event Page - and please RSVP as well. By the way, we are also marshalling this event. If you can't ride, but would like to help, please notify on the Helpers' page HERE.

On Thursday, we are back competing at East Peckham at 7.30pm in the evening.

Weekend Rides

We have the full range of rides this weekend.

Saturday - meet at the Royal Oak for a 40 miler, starting at 8am. RSVP HERE

Sunday G1/2 - Steve Rodgers is leading, but looking for a second group leader to allow two groups (I'm out injured - was going to lead a G2, so sorry!). Steve is planning a route down to Bewl Water. It's a lovely ride (and a great cafe) - though might be shortened if it's wet. RSVP HERE.. Deapart at 9.00am sharp

There are two G4 rides listed:

• A long ride to Rye and back, departing at 8.15am. It's being led by Brian Bulmer. Always a great ride, but don't expect to be back before 5.30pm. RSVP HERE.

• A shorter ride out Gravesend Cyclopark, led by Ian Soper. This will go at the normal start time of 9.15am . RSVP HERE

The G3 ride is not posted on the website - look out for it.

Dave Smith - in house historian!

Dave regularly produces some great articles for the website - so much so that one day I am going to get them all collated. He's always got great insight in to the history of our sport. I had a moan about how steep the "Hoggenberg" is a the Redbridge Cyce Centre, and I get a brilliant piece on the building of the facility in return! Have a read - LOST STORIES FROM HOG HILL.


Club Kit

Steve Rodgers asked me to add this about Club Kit.The club shop has now closed, reopening in July. Delivery of gloves and shoe covers are delayed but should be with us soon.
We still have caps and arm warmers - also the standard jerseys - for sale.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the cycling - hope to help push some of you off tomorrow at the Isle of Grain!


Take care