Tonight's Inter-Club 10 is being run by Sydenham, and is the new version of the course at Brands Hatch (the old A20). They have made the course much safer by cutting out the turn off the A20 in to Eynsford - but it means more climbing, less descending. Basically you undulate upwards, gritting teeth, sweating and gulping for air for five miles (at least I do!), then have fun descending for 5 miles.  

Times will be a good deal slower than past years - should be interesting.

First rider off at 7.15pm, but you will need to register before 7pm (and preferably by 6.45pm). It's a popular course, so will be busy.

All details CLICK HERE. If you have questions, post on the Events page and one of us will answer!

I'd personally say that this is one of the best courses for the less experienced - so lets see a big club turnout. You get points for the inter-club for finishing and also towards the Avanti Scratch and Age-Handicap champs.   

Have a good day.