Dear Avanti member,

Although the weather does not look like it, the 2016 cycling season is firmly upon us and what is a better way to celebrate it than with a Club Open Day!  It is a chance for everyone in the club to ride similar routes and to stop at the same cafe. It is also a great opportunity for those of us who feel their are between two groups to try riding with the faster group and if the pace is too fast they can finish the ride with the next group coming up the road.

Saying this, I took the opportunity in May last year to try my luck with G2. Of course they dropped me on the first hill but waited for me patiently at the top of the hill with big friendly smiles and encouragement while I was still huffing & puffing like Thomas the Tank Engine.

The Open Day is also a chance to invite friends and new prospective members (especially ladies). Rides will include a 20-mile option through to a testing 60 miler. Please let either Claire Clarke or Chris Dines know if you can help on the day – either ride leading or helping out at the start or at the cafe stop.

Website & Time Trials

If you have been looking at the website recently you might have noticed some changes. Aside from lots of new fresh photos, Johnny Edwards has been also busy with compiling Time Trial results from the past two seasons, as well as a system for tracking the events and results for this season.

The Time Trial season gets going at a full pace at Polhill on Thursday 28th - get your aero kit dusted off and ready to rock & roll - more info here. Many new members have been asking about getting involved in Time Trialling - if you have questions - join the forum group here and ask away.

For those who have never participated in a time trial but would like to have a go we will be hosting an Avanti-only practice Time Trial on Thursday May 5th with marshals, pushers, time keepers, numbers and hard efforts but without feeling intimidated by the heat of the inter-club competition.

Cyclopark Training Session 

The first training session of 2016 at Cyclopark has been booked for the 30th April 2016 12:00-15:00.

The focus will be on core cycling technique such as cornering, group riding and leading. These are great sessions, and we get the whole track to ourselves.

Please can you RSVP the event on the Website so we know approximate number. RSVP HERE

Lee is also looking at putting on follow up sessions at Redbridge Cycle Centre on the Saturday 28th of May and Saturday 25th of June between 12:30-16:30. If Interested in either session please let us know – Redbridge CC is not that far away, and we can coordinate lifts.


Tuesday Night Group Rides

We have already re-started Tuesday Night Group Rides led by Lee Staples (the meeting point is the garage at the Green at 19.30). These rides focus on improving technical skills of riding in a group (both bigger and smaller) with additional drills. We usually follow the same route finishing at the same spot where we start around 21.00. A strong head light is an essential accessory. Rides have been well attended so far but please indicate your intention under the Events section on the website.

Kit News

The club shop has now closed for the month and orders will be delivered by the end of May.
The next shop window opens on May 1st for two weeks for delivery at the end of June. There are fantastic items on the website and you can find reviews of some items under the Forum section on the website.

We have placed orders for summer arm warmers and caps which should be delivered by the end of May, and we will be able to sell them directly to members. We have also got samples of summer aero shoe covers and summer gloves. 

Finally, as Bill has found recently - Kalas have a 50% off crash replacement policy - get in touch for details if you have an accident and want a replacement.

For any kit issues, please contact Rodgers-san on


Club Rides this Weekend

Our chairman Chris Dines will be leading the early Saturday ride departing at 8.00 from the Royal Oak car park for a 40-mile route although by the time you will be reading this Newsletter the Saturday ride will be already under way.

On Sunday, Patrick Norman will be leading G1 to Tulley's Farm. It is a 60-mile fairly flat route with a chance to practise some through-and-offs and we are aiming for a speed between 17 and 19mph. Tulley's Farm has a very good cafe with plenty of space and stables with fresh hay for those who want to unwind during the break. There are also fully-functional small-size diggers on site in a big sand pit. Anyone can have a go for 50p. It is a good value for money.

Please keep your eyes on the website for updates on G2, G3 and G4 rides. Many club members usually ride and chill out under the Majorcan Sun in the second half of April and we may need to merge some groups or make changes with a short notice. We will keep you posted.

For those who decide to participate in cycling in spirit rather than in body this weekend, there is the Liege-Baston-Liege Classic on Sunday. It is one of the least advertised cycling classics but according to those who rode it as a sportive in the past, it is also the hardest one. 

Have a great weekend and ride safely!