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News this week is dominated by Avanti's domination of Revolve 24.  Well done to all involved.  There are various write ups on the club site that you can find here and I can't improve on Lee Staples' so here it is in full:


A weekend of downs and ups.

Saturday 16th – Early start to get signed on for the Interclub 4up Team Time Trial Finally, but excellent espresso, Followed by warm up routine on the rollers whilst others hit the circuit to see how steep it was up to druids and find the fastest line into Graham hill bend.

Regrouped with the team @Johnny Edwards, @Bill Fitzgerald and @Andy South for track safety briefing and then using the next 30-40 minutes productively with inter team banta.

At 09:48 was off from the start line and onto the circuit; 24 minutes and 6.9 seconds later crossing the finish line to fist bumps and high fives. The time was good enough for us to be the fastest road bike team and 3rd overall, behind 7oaks and Sydenham pointy bars and helmets teams, allowing us to claim the final step on the podium and much coveted Revolve24 cycle cap.

Sunday 17th – Another early start (not my favourite), followed by ripping the pocket of hoodie, dropping morning coffee smashing cup, losing Revolve24 cycle cap (won yesterday) and damn it is cold this morning. Not a great start for me and I’ve now no idea how those Revolve 12 & 24 hour riders managed to ride all throughout the night.

Thankfully, 4 teams of GS Avanti had entered the “The 6” hour challenge:

Simon+Chris (@Chris Dine, @Simon Sayer)

A Team (@Johnny Edwards, @Steve Rogers)

New Kids on the Block (@Marek Sasura, @Graham Channon)

Jet and Lag (@Paul Delves, @Lee Staples)

 After reviewing Paul’s pre-race buildup, a week of sin working in Toronto and flying back Saturday afternoon, he set of with in the GS Avanti train with Graham and Steve. After four laps the GS Avanti train switched over to Johnny, Marek and Myself; the GS Avanti train was working well as a unit switching every four lap and steam rollering the brands hatch lumps until lap 31 were Johnny told us to crack on with the GS Avanti train now dropping to two.

This lasted until Lap 41 when Graham had decided to switch down to three laps, pushing the pace and go solo putting “New Kids on the Block” out front. At the next switchover Graham had a 50 second lead over Paul, this had Marek coming out the pits near Johnny. I now had to put in a big solo effort, to catch Marek and Johnny on the 2nd of three laps and then broke away on the 3rd lap into the wind at Surtees bend.

 “Jet and Lag” now having a 20 sec lead Paul defended well and came into the next / penultimate switchover on Graham’s wheel. I started to cramp on the push up to Druids but Marek was also tiring, by the time we reach Dingle Dell I had recovered enough and was able ride on solo. With the clock counting down to six hour mark was also time to changed the strategy and stayed out for an extra lap to consolidate the lead.

Paul pushed on cross the line for a final time for “Jet and Lag” in 5:58:44 with 55 laps completed:

‘Hangin Tough’ “New Kids on the Block” just behind at 5:53:13.2 with 54 laps;

and ‘I love it when a plan comes together!’ the A Team getting third spot on the podium 5:55:21 with 53 laps.

Almost making it an Avanti Red White and Blue wash “Simon+Chris” took fifth Duo spot in 5:59:40.0 with 48 laps. 

Full Results – here

Awesome ride by all, and massive high fives all round – I’m sure others will follow up with more write ups of the atmosphere and attach photos from the event.”


Well done to all involved - fantastic achievements and great publicity for the club.  

It was a fairly eventful weekend all round it transpires with Steve Butler in Provence tackling the Mont Ventoux three ways challenge - good stuff Steve, I know for a fact that’s a tough one.  

Yours truly was in Girona on an all expenses paid cycling trip with work - including riding with a bunch of ex-pros and a couple of young lads from Team Wiggins who are based there.  If you haven’t been I can recommend Girona without reservation.  It’s a beautiful medieval city close to the coast and the mountains (both easily ridable to).  There’s a terrific cycling culture, the roads are like glass, the weather is great and it is virtually impossible to get bad food.  

I didn’t pull off any feats quite of the magnitude of the Revolve teams’ or Steve’s but did manage to record my highest ever heart rate racing one of the Wiggins boys up a coastal climb and did the legendary Rocacorba more than two minutes under than the 45 min challenge laid down by the same fella.  Reckon I could have gone a little harder as well (but don’t you always afterwards?!).


Back to reality

Back here in Blighty the weather isn’t quite Provence-esque or Catalonian but on we ride!  The normal club runs are a go so wrap up warm and get involved.

At the time of writing Captain Saturday (Nick Patow) has posted this Sat’s early ride - 40 miles following one of his usual routes, Charles Lockwood will be taking G4 to Brookside Garden Centre via Basted, Plough Hill and back by Plaxtol and Ian Soper will be leading G3 to the Isle of Grain new cafe.

G1 and G2 whilst relatively quick on their bikes are a little less so in posting their rides.  No doubt they will though so check the site over the coming days.  I’m a touch Tom Dick so unsure if I’ll be leading the Sunday Early Bird - if any of the usual crew (or anyone else for that matter) wants to step up and do it then be my guest.  If it’s on it will as per the G1 and G2 routes but an hour earlier (i.e. kicking off at 8am).  Hopefully the Berocca and early nights this week will do the trick and I’ll be out and about though. 


Club meeting

The next club meeting is taking place at 8pm on Monday Oct 2nd at the Chelsfield pub, BR6 6HY - event details are on the site.

Please come along if you can.  As ever we are keen to find people to contribute ideas and energy to the running of the club.  There are always lots of things to get done, some big, some small (so something for everyone!).  


And finally…

The Tour is over, the Vuelta is over, Revolve 24 is over, Summer trips are out of the way, but keep your peckers up, there's still good riding to be had (including next weekend’s Whitstable extravaganza).  Now we see who the fair weather cyclists are.  For everyone else it’s hats on, booties on, ridiculous numbers of layers on and some proper British cycling ahead!  You never know though, maybe there will be a few warm and sunny ones coming as well - we live in hope!