Dear club member,

I will start off with a topic which has nothing to do with cycling but it will eventually lead there. Before I and my wife had children, we had received lots of advice from various people: "It is going to be great", "it will be tough", "it will be difficult the first few months and then it will ease off". All useful but not really answering my internal question how having children is going to change the relationship with my wife. Then, one of my former colleagues told me: "Children will just amplify your relationship. If it is good, it will get even better and vice versa." Strangely, the same principle seems to apply when driving a car or riding a bike. Everything (the good and the bad) is amplified. I have been fortunate enough to encounter mostly the bright side but the dark side is always lurking round the corner. I remember several times when I got a puncture (mostly on a cold day or in the darkness), and one of the fellow club members helped me to fix it (or even fixed it for me) seeing how clumsy I was with those pesky tyre-fixing tools, or walking across summer fields, lost in transition in 35C+ temperatures with the bike on the shoulder – it was a true character discovery.

Season Closer

The season is coming to an end and this weekend will be an ultimate closer. We have the Team Time Trial event on Saturday at Brands Hatch. We have seven teams and as far as I know the two other clubs have only six so there is an extra 4 points for us already. We are only a few points behind Sevenoaks in the interclub competition so hopefully we can jump them tomorrow if all the stars are aligned.  After all teams clock their times, points are counted and the red carpet is rolled out, we will have the Interclub TT Competition Award Ceremony. Chris Dines is organising this for us. If you are able to come along and help, please contact Chris on

And on Sunday there will be several 2-man teams competing in a 6-hour endurance competition on the same circuit. I am not sure if I should be looking forward to it or I should fear it but it will be quite an experience. We are still looking for one more rider so if you are interested, get in touch on

Weekender in Kent 

We are organising a weekend trip to Whitstable at the end of September. If you want to tag along for just one day or if you still want to join the party, please check for details on the website or get in touch with Tony Le Vey, or email

Club Kit

The club shop will be closing today. September orders will be delivered in the second half of October and I am expecting August orders in 1-2 weeks. Any questions about the club kit, please email on

Communications Team

We are still looking for more people to join the growing communications team to help with the Newsletter which you are reading right now. It will literally take only 60-90min of your time once every two months. It is fun and you can write about almost anything (within the club rules and the law of this land). If you are interested, please email on

Club Rides

Finally, there will be a usual 8am Saturday ride for those who are not participating in the team time trial competition. Please click HERE for more details.

We will also have our usual G1/2, G3 and G4 club rides on Sunday. Please click on the website to let us know if you are coming so we can wait for you if you are running late.

Have a lovely weekend (on or off the bike) and good luck to those competing on Saturday and Sunday!

Over and out.