Hi reader,

This will be a very transactional Newsletter and no more waxing lyrical about the meaning of life/cycling/stuff from me. That's a promise!

Time Trialing

For those new to the club, we run an inter-club competition where we have a weekly time-trial event from April till September (typically a 10-mile time trial) open only to GS Avanti and two other clubs.  Everyone gets at least one point for participating, the first place gets ten points, the second place nice, etc. The club which gets the most points is awarded a winner's cup (in 2016 it was Avanti) and we also have prizes for the best three time trialists within the club.

Even though it is already mid-August, we still have six events. We are in the second place in the inter-club competition and we need to make as strong push as possible to win again. Anyone can take part. You just need a bike with a rear red light and an appetite to torture yourself for 25 odd minutes.

The next time trial is Polhill on Thursday 17th August (Thursday evening), then the Isle of Grain on 19th August (Saturday afternoon), a hilly Gracious Lane on 26th August (Saturday morning), Tonbridge on 2nd September (Saturday morning), possibly Harrietsham on 9th September (Saturday morning).

However, the cherry on the cake is the 4-up Team Time Trial which we will be held at the Brands Hatch racing circuit (provisionally 15 teams of four from three clubs, hopefully even more). This will take place on Saturday morning on 16th September. It will be run as a part of Revolve 24 which is a 24-hour cycling event on the same circuit with all the modern timing and imaging technology involved. At the end of the event we will have the prize ceremony and refreshments in the media centre. You can find all details HERE, and you can express you interest to participate HERE. Our chairman Chris Dines is organising the whole event (team time trial).

August Training Session

The club coach Lee Staples is organising a training session on 20th August from 9am to 12pm at Cyclopark in Gravesend. The training session will be an introduction to group riding and team time trialling. It will benefit those thinking of competing in the upcoming interclub 4-up team time trial at Brands Hatch or just for those who want to improve their group riding skills.

It is a great session regardless your level of skills and confidence on the bike. The track is purpose-built and traffic-free and it has very good facilities (e.g. changing, parking, a café run by Dame Kelly Holmes). More details to follow. Any questions, please email coach@gsvanati.co.uk.

Club Kit

The club shop is open until 15th August and an expected delivery is in 4-6 weeks. The summer is almost over so maybe it is time to get kitted for the long autumn/winter season. On the top of this, we now offer short, ¾ and long cycling tights in a black version with a subtle hint of Avanti logo and colours. You can find links to both shops HERE. If you have any questions, please email kit@gsavanti.co.uk.

We have had a very decent intake of new members in the summer. I have managed to deliver a new club jersey (as a part of the membership) to most new members. However, if you have missed out, please email me on the above address. Our membership secretary Claire Clarke has been so relentless in her efforts to recruit new members that we ran out of certain sizes of club jerseys. I have already ordered a new stock which should be arriving at the end of August.

Club Rides 

As always, there will be a very popular Saturday club ride at 8am leaving from the Green. You can register your interest HERE.

We will have G1 and G2 rides doing the same route and stopping at the same café giving members a chance to swap between the groups.

G3 will be heading to Yalding, and G4 will be heading to Four Elms café.

Please register your interest on the website by clicking on hyperlinks above. It only takes a moment and it helps us with planning and organising. Where  it is available, please download the route to your Garmin.

Have a nice weekend!