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The mudfest above was the result of a miscalculated route on the G2 ride - in the far distance you can just about see Mick Coulton building an improvised bridge/raft. Hopefully this week we'll have better luck with routes/weather - but it's still a bit on the wet side so take care!

On the positive side - G2 arrived at the chippy safely, but a little muddier than expected - perhaps there is an opportunity to form a niche event - a gravel mudder?

New Members

Welcome to 2 more new Avanti members this week - Simon Vaughan and Adam Daniel.

Any other news to share with other club-members - please mail:


Ride London

This weekend it's the Prudential London Ride 100 - good luck to all Avantis taking part and I look forward to reading the write-ups of the day out. Hope it's more incident-free than last year.

Brighton Big Dog – 12 August

This is a fantastic off road event, held every year – and the club provides some support for the Avanti team involved. Simon Clarke, who coordinates, says that some places remain available. That means we could add to the eight strong Avanti entry. Please go to the forum on the website to find out more and express any interest. CLICK HERE.


Time Trialling

Last night there was an amazingly large turnout - 25+ riders - at the Polhill TT organised by 7oaks Tri. It was wet and every turn was dangerously slippy - well done to everyone that made it out - results to follow on the website soon.

Next Thursday it's the 2-up at the Brands Hatch course - we need Avanti helpers and also riders in pairs. It would be great to get a big turnout of teams!

Please sign up for helping here: https://www.gsavanti.co.uk/events/2017/08/evening-2up-10-q1026-brands-hatch-gs-avanti-helpers-only/

Please register interest in riding and organise teams here: https://www.gsavanti.co.uk/events/2017/08/evening-2up-10-q1026-brands-hatch-gs-avanti-riders-only/

Club Rides this Weekend

• Saturday - Steve Butler is leading the early ride.

• Sunday G1 - Graham Channon + Richard Bingham are leading G1 on a nice, rolling route:

• Sunday G2 - Simon Clarke is leading - I think it's the same route as G1 but the event is not yet listed - keep an eye out for the ride on the website.

• Sunday G3 - Phil Hookway will be leading a ride out to Bewl Water.

• Sunday G4 - no ride is posted yet - so check up on the website later - there should be a ride even if it's not posted.

Have a great weekend on 2 wheels