Col du Sundridge?

It’s at this time of year that it would be great if Kent had an alpine mountain range tucked away (somewhere near Sevenoaks) – snow-capped peaks, great climbs, sunshine, no traffic etc. Guess we’ll have to make do with Ide Hill for the time being! I’ve loved watching the Tour de France highlights this year, and all the better for the fact that I got the chance a few weeks back to amble my way up the likes of Galibier, Colombiere, Forclaz and Mont du Chat. A lot of members have been in the Alps in recent weeks, either tackling the Cols or watching the Pro’s (or both – so well done James Heppleston and Nolan Wilkens for cycling up the Galibier to watch stage 17). Suspect others might have been there as well!

Please do send stories of your excursions (or links to social media stuff) to news@gsavanti.co.uk

Ride London – nearly here.

On Sunday week it’s Ride London. Not sure how many Avanti members are taking part, but the “official” Avanti team of 4 is now Bill Fitzgerald, Johnny Edwards, Andrew Spencer and Paul Allen. “Official” because we get one team of 4 allocated to us as a club, and then make the places available by ballot. One of the ballot winners was Subhesh who has, sadly, dropped out with injury. A shame, because Subhesh joined the club a few months back, having migrated from Singapore. After initially struggling with the hills of Kent (and the weather), he’s really developed and would no doubt have loved doing the Ride 100. Good luck to all doing it.

Brighton Big Dog – 12 August

This is a fantastic off road event, held every year – and the club provides some support for the Avanti team involved. Simon Clarke, who coordinates, says that some places remain available. That means we could add to the eight strong Avanti entry. Please go to the forum on the website to find out more and express any interest. CLICK HERE.

Club Shop

The club kit shop will be again open from 1st August and will close on 15th August with deliveries 5-6 weeks later. The club is constantly evolving and we are listening to your feedback!

One such feedback was that members like Avanti colours for jerseys or gilets but would also like to have the option of a more “subtle” version of short/long tights (err….a bit less blue in certain areas).

Steve and Marek have been tirelessly working on this with Kalas (our club kit provider), and we are proud to announce the arrival of a new, simple but nice all-black version of bib shorts (both for ladies and men).

We even went one step further and Kalas will open a separate shop where you can buy short, ¾ and long tights in the new all-black version with just a bit of Avanti  colours and logo.

We have been testing these new shorts for you and they are superb (in the top Goffrato Pro version).

Any questions, please email us on kit@gsavanti.co.uk

Club Rides this Weekend

Please note that not all Events show on the website home page, simply because there is not enough space. Every future event appears in the Calendar however – CLICK HERE.

• Alistair Drysdale is leading a 40 mile Saturday ride (8am from the G)

• There is a (monthly) Introductory Ride at 8.30am on Saturday, organised by Claire Clarke (with others helping). These are 20 milers and suited to people new to road cycling in a group. Please promote to friends and colleagues.

• On Sunday, G1 and G2 have 8am starts for a 120mile fish and chip trip to Whitstable and back. They will be different paces, but meeting at stops. Graham Channon is leading G1, and myself G2. We will have a shorter route available for those struggling for time and/or energy…..or it gets very wet. Please make sure you are prepped for a long excursion (nutrition, spare tubes, cash).

• At the moment we don’t have a ride leader for G3 – please can someone come forward and confirm a route? We do badly need some willing to coordinate G3 rides at present. as well All help appreciated!

Have a great weekend.



Club Chairman