Hi reader,

After last week's Newsletter feast with a super weekend (Saturday club ride, Saturday introductory ride, 2-up time trial, training session at Cyclopark, Sunday club rides), it is going to be a shorter and briefer issue today so that you have more time to watch the biggest cycling race of the year - TOUR DE FRANCE!

Isle of Wight Club Trip - Are you interested?

In a recent newsletter we mentioned the possibility of the club organising a weekend trip suitable for all club members. It would involve an overnight stay (or two nights), with a couple of days of cycling in a beautiful location, away from our normal cycling/hunting territory. Sam Dorkings and Claire Watson are starting to look at options and logistics, with the Isle of Wight being one (the next year it might even be France). Plenty of alternatives!

It would be very helpful at this point to gauge interest for the weekend of 23-24th September. Please email chairman@gsavanti.co.uk and we will then work on more detailed options. You can assume a base cost of around £150 for the weekend, which will be supported by some club resource. When you email, please just say whether (1) you are interested and also whether (2) you have any views on destination and cost. Please note that we are likely to welcome cycling friends/partners as well. If we get fewer than 10 responses, we will most likely stop planning!

Club Kit Shop

The online shop will open again on 1st July and will close on 15th July. July orders will be delivered by Kalas in the second half of August. If you want to order arm warmers, socks, caps or gloves, you can do it on the RiderHQ website. Any questions, please email me on kit@gsavanti.co.uk.

Club Rides

There will be as always a Saturday ride leaving from the Green at 8am. It is a mixed ability ride between 40-45miles and it usually ends in Belmondo's for an after-ride treat in a form of liquid and solid sugary refreshments.

Sunday rides are not posted yet on the website but there will be usual G1, G2, G3 and G4 rides. Please keep your eyes on the website.

As always, it takes only a second but it helps a lot with planning if you indicate on the website if you are planning to join a ride.

Have a nice weekend, enjoy the start of the Tour and see you all in the second half of 2017!