Hi reader,

I sent this newsletter in the morning at 7.30am but it looks like some of you have not received it so I am sending again. I apologise to those who have to suffer it for the second time today.

The summer arrived for a brief period and it has been already replaced by rain, clouds and wind as a few brave souls from the club who commuted back from work on Tuesday evening can testify to. It is all just a blip in the system because a period of certainty and stability is ahead of us.


Club runs

Sunday G3 - The group will be lead by Simon and is heading to the Isle of Grain with a coffee stop at the new Kelly Holmes venture at Cyclopark.

Sunday G4 - Ian will take the group straight to Cyclopark for a happy reunion with G3.

Sunday G1/2 - Sam will be leading G1 on a route to be decided in the morning subject to your preferences, and Graham with his super-climbing-Apline legs will be leading G2.


Time Trials

The season is in the full swing and Jonathan, Sam and Rob have been setting very good times. I have asked my GP for a procedure to reduce my drag by surgically narrowing my shoulder width but he said it was not possible. Anyways, time trials are a good fun. The inter-club competition is open to all members. You just need your bike, a helmet, a rear red light and an appetite to suffer for 10 miles. Everyone gets at least one point for the overall point score and as we know every little helps.


Club Kit

The club kit shop is open until June 15th with an expected delivery in the second half of July. Once I receive the delivery, I will take it to Cycles UK and will everyone concerned know by email that his/her new kit arrived. 

It is the summer (sort of) and we have two new 2017 models of Pro summer jerseys in the shop. One is Razor (smooth, thin and cool with a collar, Nolan seems to be very happy with it) and the other one is Verano Ultra (very thin and racy without a collar).

Shall you have any questions about all these garments, please email me on kit@gsavanti.co.uk.


Club Meeting

We have a club meeting on Monday. All club members are welcome.If you have anything you would like to put on the agenda, please email our one-and-only club secretary Richard on secretary@gsavanti.co.uk.


Tuesday Group Rides

Lee leads these mid-week club rides which are intended for riders for all abilities. Stronger and skilled riders will accommodate and help out others in the group.

Rides alternate weekly between a Chain Gang Tuesday and Hard Hills, but if weather is bad we will default to a winter route.

The meeting point is the Green at 19.30. Good front and rear lights are essential. 


Have a nice weekend!