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Giro d'Italia goes in the second week (hence the pink colour of the banner) and so far it has been quite uneventful for main GC contenders. Some of those pros who are not racing in Giro will be testing their legs in the Tour of California which starts on Sunday. For us mere club riders we will have a chance test both our skills and legs this weekend.

Training Session

Lee Staples is running another popular training session at Cyclopark on Saturday from 3pm to 6pm. The focus will be on core cycling techniques such as cornering, group riding and leading. It is a great session for all riders – those just beginning or for those wanting to improve and practise existing skills. The track is traffic free, it has great facilities (changing/parking) and the coffee is pretty good too. If you have any question or need a lift, please post in comments on the Racing & Training group page.

Interclub Time Trailling

On Saturday there is also another round of interclub time trial competition. This time it will be at 3pm at the Isle of Grain. Please note, a rear red light is now compulsory for anyone taking part in these time trials.

Open Day

We will be running another Club Open Day next Sunday (May 21st) where all rides will converge on the Speedgate Café and the club will be subsidising refreshments for existing members, potential new members or friends & family.

We are still looking for ride leaders for G3 and G4 groups. If you are willing and interested, please come forward and email us on info@gsavanti.co.uk or confirm that you are coming on the event website.

These Open Days are very popular and they are the main recruiting events for our club. It would be great if we had as many members as possible on the day. Please come and join us. Your club needs you!

Introductory Ride

As a part of our charm offensive, we will be organising introductory rides for beginners. This inauguration ride on Saturday May 20th will be an introduction to group riding and paced according to the ability of the group. We will keep together and no-one will be left behind.

The route will visit some pretty lanes over an undulating 20 miles, with a halfway stop for refreshments at Lullingstone Country Park before returning to Green St Green via Eynsford and Crockenhill.

It is recommended that you have a road bike or a hybrid with road tyres as the route is all on road. If any existing Avanti members know anyone who might like to join the ride then please let us know.

Eastern Counties Cycling Association (ECCA) Time Trials

Our fellow cyclists in Easter Counties organise open time trials which are mostly on flat and fast courses. GS Avanti used to be associated with the ECCA but we are not anymore. We are considering to re-join the ECCA so that we can take part in these time trials.

(1) Would you be interested in taking part in Essex or Cambridgeshire time trials?

(2) One of the conditions of the club association is the willingness to help with marshalling one event once a year. Would you be up for it?

Please let us know by emailing on info@gsvanti.co.uk.

Kit Shop

I will be taking a delivery of March orders sometimes next week. Once I receive it, I will drop it off at Cycles UK and I will let all concerned know by email. The April order batch should be delivered by the end of May.

For those who want to order a new piece of kit, please visit our online kit shop. The password is avanti321. It will be open until May 15th and orders will be delivered by the end of June.

Shall you any questions, please email me on kit@gsavanti.co.uk

Weekend Club Rides

As always, we will have an early Saturday ride. It will be a mixed group and the pace will be adjusted to suit the riders in the group on the day.

On Sunday, G3 will  be heading to Horley and G4 is going to Hadlow. There will be G1/2 rides, too. Just keep you eyes on the website for details. 

Have a nice weekend!