Hi reader,

Firstly we have some tragic news - well-known local cycling figure Bryan Stout was run over and killed whilst out on ride in Majorca. Bryan was in his 80s which is a phenomenal life-long cycling passion, sadly ended by a car driver on drink and drugs. We have a news article about it on the website: https://www.gsavanti.co.uk/news/bryan-stout-rip/

Cyclopark Training Tonight

Following on from last week's successful Cyclopark training session, coach Lee is running another session this evening - full event details are here - https://www.gsavanti.co.uk/events/2017/04/cyclopark-fnt/

please see there for start time, location, registration etc - it's a great facility and Lee will take you through some really useful training. It's perfect for everyone in the club - you don't have to be a beginner or a racer - everyone can benefit. 

Also if you want to keep up-to-date with training news - please join the Racing & Training group here: https://www.gsavanti.co.uk/groups/racing-training/

Lee also organises Tuesday Group Rides meeting at the Green every Tuesday at 19.30.  This is a mix ability group riding and good lights are required as you are usually out after the sun sets.

Polhill TT and Helpers

Next Thursday is our first TT of the year that we're marshaling and we need more people to help out. If you have your Thursday evening free - it's only about an hour of your time - please think about helping out - more info here:


For those of you taking part in the TT - a reminder that you will not be allowed to start unless you have a rear red light on your bike. The challenge you face is making that as aero as possible - here's a look at mine for inspiration.

It's also worth reminding everyone that TTs are great fun for riders of all capabilities - it's enormously fun to punish yourself for 10 miles flat out and see how you get on - it's unlike any other riding you'll do - and you can see how you improve week on week. Plus everyone that turns out and rides the course and finishes gets a point for the club in our inter-club competition! You don't need fancy kit - you can ride your usual bike in the same gear you would normally wear - it only starts to get fancy once you get hooked on aerodynamics.

Club Meeting

There will be a club meeting with a focus on group rides on Monday 24th April at 20.00, at The Chelsfield pub. The meeting is open to all members and the more members we get, the better. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss club rides and ride leading. This is the activity which is in the core of our club, and the meeting will look at what we expect from group rides, group riding skills, mix of routes, start times, etc. We have received a lot of feedback on club ride experiences, and this meeting is a forum to discuss different views and opinions.Chris Dines has sent out a survey to find out what your thoughts on rides and how we could improve them - if you haven't already please take a few moments to reply.

Click here if you want to go straight to the survey.

Weekend Club Rides

Saturday Ride - the usual Saturday ride crew should be out - full info on the website.

Sunday Rides - I haven't heard anything from Jenny or Dave about G3/G4 rides but imagine there should be something being arranged - keep an eye on the website.

Sam Dorkings will lead a G1/2 ride to Marden with G2 pace unless there are sufficient numbers and those willing to lead to split into 2 groups. Please let him know you're attending here.

Sefi is heading out for an early ride on Sunday at 8:30 - also at G2 pace - and would welcome anyone that wants an early start/finish to join him. Info here.


Kit Flash

Marek has closed the web shop for this month and the order is being processed - it will reopen for orders again on 1st May. In addition he will be taking some items along to Monday's meeting to hand out to those that ordered them - get in touch  with kit@gsavanti.co.uk for further info.

New Members

We've had a steady stream of new joiners to the club - I hope to see all the new faces out and about! Please welcome to the club so far in 2017: Graham Oliver, Timothy Barker, Sandra Sparks, Subhash Choudary, Paul White, Mark Hutcheon, Sergey Skor, Abu Ansary and Marcella Hatch.

RideLondon 100

Finally - we had just one team of four allocated at this year's RideLondon - boo!

Thanks to everyone that put their names into the hat - the lucky 4 that will represent the club are: Bill Fitzgerald, Paul Allen, Andrew Spencer and Subhash Chauderi - well done guys - good luck with your training and I hope you get an early start!

Last, last note: it's the last weekend of the Spring Classics which means the mighty Liège–Bastogne–Liège, often called La Doyenne - The Old Lady. We rode this as a club a few years ago and it was quite the adventure - amazingly tough but stunningly beautiful. If you like your sportives then it's a must-do. The final climb - the Côte de Saint-Nicolas is quite something to behold imagine Yorks Hill on a normal street!

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