Hi reader

Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday if you're a mother, and if you have a mother or are married to or cohabit with one then be nice to her this weekend (and every weekend)!


Club runs

Mother’s Day and Flanders prep both have an influence on rides this Saturday and Sunday and the weather looks promising after this horrible (in more than one way) week.

Saturday - Nick is leading the usual 40 mile Saturday group which will be fun and social as always.  Meet at 8am at the G.  Graham is also planning an epic excursion to Whitstable (130 miles) at G2 pace.  If you fancy oysters on the beach with him tomorrow then get to the G for a 7:30am sharp start.

Sunday G1 - No G1 ride planned for this weekend but see the G2 ride below.

Sunday G2 - Chris D will be leading another long one down to Rye (the original plan of Camber has been slightly shortened due to Mother’s Day commitments).  Recent rides this way were blighted by inclement conditions but Sunday looks fine.  If there are enough riders with demand for G1 pace then this might split into two groups.  Meet at the G at 8am.

Sunday G3 - Steve R will take the group on a 60 mile round trip to the Llama Park, Ashdown Forest.  Meet at the G at 9:15am.

Sunday G4 - Dave B will be showing off his Australian tan on a 40 miler out to the Brookside Garden centre and back.  Meet at the G at 9:15am.

Despite last weekend’s antics, this week’s (and future) G2 rides will be run at a G2 pace and no one will be dropped.  So if you have any concerns you can join Saturday or Sunday’s rides with confidence!

If you are planning to join any group ride please click “I’m attending” on the site and download the route onto your Garmin if you have one – both are a big help for ride leaders.

I’m sure most people know how to download routes but I also know that some don’t - mentioning no names...  There are a few ways to do it and here’s a fail-safe one:  1) Connect your Garmin to your computer, it will show as a drive in Windows Explorer/Mac Finder, 2) Find the folder in your Garmin called “New Files”, 3) Go the event on the Avanti site and download onto your computer the route that your thoughtful ride leader has posted for you, 4) Drag and drop the route from your computer into the New Files folder on your Garmin.  That’s it.  When you turn on your Garmin the route will be there.


Club Social/KK thank you drinks

As mentioned in the last couple of newsletters, the drinks are on Monday at the Queen’s Head, Green St. Green.  There’s money behind the bar, there will be some food and Marek has a selection of the new club gear for people to try.  Do come if you can make it.


Time Trials

Time trial season is here with the first interclub trial at Sundridge on Apr 1st.  If you are feeling foolish enough (sorry) to turn yourself inside out over 10 miles then get yourself along – event details are on the site.  Simon H will be there with his new TT bike and should be one to watch now that he is a fitness professional and weighs no more than a small girl.

We are also now affiliated with the Kent Cycling Association meaning club members can enter some seriously punishing events if they feel the need.  Rob G has plans in this space so tap him up if you want more info.


Club Kit

The club shop remains open and, as stated above, you can check out kit at Monday’s social and order with confidence after that.  Also, Marek will be dropping off a consignment at Cycles UK tomorrow and will let those with orders know when it's there and ready to pick up.



Have fun and be safe this weekend and look after those mums!


Richard S