Hi reader

KK - done!

Following up on Lee's mail earlier this week - thanks to everyone for their efforts last weekend and leading up to it to make the KK2017 a resounding success!

We are organising a social event on Monday 27th March at 8pm in a friendly pub the Chelsfield in Chelsfield (the home turf of our new club secretary Richard Short). There will be food and drinks on the club to say thanks, and we are planning to organise with Kalas a sample set of jerseys and bib shorts in all sizes so that members can try them on and order in confidence the right size online.

Club Rides

After a weekend of KK organising we're back to club riding this weekend - in fact it seems we have more rides than usual this weekend! As ever - please click to let the ride leaders know that you'll be coming.


• we've got the usual Saturday ride led by Nick Patow at 8am.

• we also have Marek and Graham leading a G1/2 fair-weather pace ride out to the coast.


• Me and Chris Dines are leading G1/2 of sorts on as much of the Rye/Camber route as we can muster the endurance for.

• Phil Hookway is leading a 55 mile G3 ride to 4 Elms.

• Steve+Paul are leading 40 mile G4 ride also to 4 Elms - hope there's no cafe clash.


The Alps Adventure

Chris Moss is organising a climbing trip to the French Alps in June. At the moment four people have signed up but Chris is still holding a reservation for another chalet in an area where all famous Tour de France climbs are located. If you are interested, please have a look at the website or send an email to info@gsavanti.co.uk.

Have a great weekend - stay safe and warm!