Hi reader,

Last week-end was a busy one for Avanti, culminating in a big turn out for the "Avanti massive" at the SFA sportif on the Monday, with proceeds going to the air ambulance. Extra chapeau to Tony LV for organising and riding. Check out all the bank holiday week-end rides here

The Weekend rides :


After last Saturday's hilly affair, the theme looks set to continue this week-end. It's a great way to improve/maintain your fitness and socialise for a coffee after. Sign up here
P.S. Rumour has it that Adam D and Simon V have discovered a new hill and will be unveiling it on a Saturday Ride soon!


G1 Martin Rowling is leading a ride to Box Hill. Sign up here

G2 Richard Bingham at the helm. Ride coming up shortly. Watch the website for details.

G3 are off to the Llama Park. Lead to shared. To sign up click here

G4 at the time of writing, no ride posted. Watch the website for details.

Have a good one, oh and if you see any Avanties with extra big smiles on their faces this week-end, they may support one of the 4 English football teams in European finals, the first time ever! Who said anything about leaving Europe?!