Hi reader,

Firstly, welcome to new member Steve Thornton!

Blimey, the goodish weather looks set to remain for this week-end, following on from last week-end. Big numbers turned up for all rides and some people were even seen riding naked on Sunday (that's without mudguards). Note: please assume you need mudguards this time of year unless totally convinced the roads (and small lanes) are dry and it hasn't rained for quite some time, otherwise it's not very nice for the person behind you.

Quick shout out for anyone to let Bill Fitzgerald know if you want some gorgeous Custom Avanti Velopac wallets/phone holders for £19.20, to keep all your ride essentials in. They will fit most phones except the large Galaxy note. I'm in! Contact him via friending him on the website or look him up on one of the WhatsApp groups.

Sydenham Wheelers and Old Portlians Reliabiity Trials (27TH January and 3rd February 2019 respectively)

Both of these rides have been posted on the web site in the Events section (please look on the Events Calendar)
After consulting with Lee Powell, we have decided to pay for fifteen places for each. However, we are going to try something different – a ballot. The aim is to make the subsidy available to as many members as possible over the year (including sportives as well…) – hopefully the process will not be too complex or onerous – let’s see how it goes…
PLEASE SIGN UP AS ATTENDING ON THE EVENTS PAGE FOR THE SYDENHAM RIDE BY MIDNIGHT SUNDAY 20TH JANUARY and THE OLD PORTLIANS RIDE BY MIDNIGHT SUNDAY 27TH JANUARY . If we get over fifteen names for Sydenham, a draw will be made at the committee meeting on Monday 21st Jan. The unsuccessful people will be placed on a reserve list (as it’s entry on the day and weather dependent I guess there may be some drop-outs?). If the reserves do not get a place, they will get a priority place for the Old Ports ride on 3rd February, with the remaining names entering the ballot.

This weekend's Rides

Join Nick for a lovely route out to Chiddingstone Hoath followed by coffee at Belmondos. Sign up here. Also Nick is looking for a leader for Jan 26th, please let him know if you can lead this via the event or WhatsApp.

G2 are being led by Hamish and Neale @9:00 on the classic Yalding Loop. Sign up here

G3 is being led by Mick @9:15 who is promising a rollercoaster ride to Lingfield. Sign up here

G4 Will be led by Dave B @9:15 to the highly rated Spadework Cafe Offam. Sign up here

Enjoy your cycling this week-end!