Dear reader

It's a right, Royal weekend - the length and breadth of the country will be waving the red, white and blue of GS Avanti! Hurrah!
I've seen so many dodgy emails cashing in on the wedding - from caffeine shampoo to office accessories - hopefully this one will reach you without binning it.
I think that it must be tough for the Royal Wedding commentators in the Beeb to keep their chat going when nothing much is happening for hours - wouldn't it be great if they hired Sean Kelly and Carlton Kirby to do the job instead?

The Pros

This week I've been mostly enjoying some British guy called Yates who is amazingly putting in great efforts on The Tour of California and Giro d'Italia at the same time - he must be eating a lot to keep those efforts up!

Club Open Day

Thanks to everyone that helped out with last weekend's Open Day rides - we had plenty of guests on the day - despite terrible weather the day before - and we had good feedback. We had good interest in joining the club and we had a couple of new members later that same day - see below!


New Members

Welcome to new club members Anthony Jones and Amit Soni. Thanks for joining us at the open day - great to have you in the club - hope you enjoy your cycling here with us.

Time Trials

The TT season rolls on - we had a good turnout on Thursday night on the A20 at Brands Hatch. After a disappointing cancellation at Grain last Saturday due to roadworks - we had a lot of people feeling the need for speed.
It was our turn to organise the event - thanks to Dave, Allan, Chris, Hamish, Johnny and Paul for taking one for the team.
Check out the website for a write-up soon hopefully by Dave our TT manager.
Next Thursday it's the very popular East Peckham course - very fast and roundaboutey - get there early to ensure you get a spot.
Avanti have a 3 man team next weekend at the KCA open 25 Team TT - Rob, Sam and myself will be giving it our all! I think that Marek is taking part in a ECCA event that weekend, too.
Remember - everyone that takes part in an interclub TT gets at least a point for the club no matter how fast or slow you go. We need all the help we can get - so please try to take part in some TTs this year if you can.
Grain 2-up TTT 23rd June - we need helpers
On Saturday 23rd June we have our next 2-up Team TT at Grain - it's our turn to organise and so we need helpers. Please sign up - it's an easy one to help and ride after.

Training at CycloPark

We have another session booked for training at CycloPark on Saturday 14th July.
The aim of the session is to introduce and improve cycling skill useful for club group rides and time trials such as cornering, group riding and leading.
Great session for riders just beginning and/or wanting to improve – practise existing skills.
The session will be lead by certified British cycling coaches Lee Staples and Richard Liston.
More details and info on how to register on the website.

Website Updates

Grant, Graham and myself have been working a lot with the website the past few weeks - we have some updates to share and more that are coming.
Member benefits - https://www.gsavanti.co.uk/membership-benefits/
  • this is a page that is only visible if you are logged-in to the website - we've been gathering discounts from local businesses and online businesses - such as bike shops, bike mechanics, bike-specific insurance, osteopathy and more.
  • if you have any suggestions for extra benefits - please send suggestions on a stamped addressed envelope to admin@gsavanti.co.uk
Event Archive - https://www.gsavanti.co.uk/event-archive/
If you've ever wanted to check out some comments or ride details from a few weeks ago - now you can page through the complete history of events in this handy area.
One feature we've enabled but doesn't quite yet work as hoped is google calendar integration - once it's ready you will be able to subscribe to all the club events in your calendar - for those of you - like me - that depend more and more on online calendars to organise time you'll love it. We'll send out updates when it's ready.

The Avanti Team
We've finally updated the commitee member area and added a ride coordinator area. You'll find contact details via new email addresses - so it should be easier than ever to get in touch with the people that help keep the club ticking over.

Club Rides

Have a great weekend on 2 wheels
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