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With a lovely day today, hopefully a few of the club got out on their bikes before the second bout of cold weather hits us tonight.
The likely result of what's coming our way is the cancellation of all the club rides this weekend. Currently........

The Saturday ride is formally cancelled, although the event remains open in case you fancy going out and wish to publicise the fact just in case anyone else might join you.

G3 is the only Sunday ride currently on the website. See here. The notes indicate a decision will be taken on its go ahead based on the weather, so keep checking the event if you are considering riding.

New Member News:

A warm welcome to Martin Sweetman, who has joined the club this week. Hopefully,
we'll have better luck with the weather soon, and will be able to welcome Martin to his first club ride.

Club Social – A great evening:

There was a very successful gathering at the Change of Horses, Farnborough on Monday night, Thanks to Bill Fitzgerald for organising. These are always good nights, with the opportunity meet and socialise with members you maybe wouldn't normally get to ride with.
Claire Clarke managed to offload her stock of KK flapjacks, with many a member seen leaving the pub with a box tucked under their arm (much to Simon's relief who it was rumoured was missing seeing his dining room table whilst it was buried under the boxes).
I don't think the full stock of mugs and T shirts moved quite as quickly though, so if you've just realised you have an empty "mug tree" in the kitchen, you should still be able to stock it with six matching KK 2018 mugs !
Mick and Dave had a few samples from the latest Avanti kit with them, and it proved popular to "try before you buy", so I'm pretty sure there'll be some orders flooding through now.

The TT season is coming:

First up is the Sunridge event run by Sydenham on 31st March 2018. Full details here

Beyond that, the first Avanti run TT is the Polhill TT on 26th April.
Helpers click here and riders here please.
Don't forget, if you plan to ride TT's this year, you should plan also to help on one of the Avanti run events too. If everyone who rides the TT's helps at least once, we've got our obligations more than covered. Many hands make light work.

Open Time Trails - Rob G is coordinating the club's efforts this season for the Open Time Trails. GS Avanti are now affiliated with both the Kent Cycling Association and the Eastern Counties Cycling Association, meaning 1st claim members are able to compete in their association events and competitions. For full details see here

Have a great weekend, and if you brave the outdoors take it easy.


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