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Going out on last Tuesday's night ride is testament to the fact that the warm weather is still hanging on. We were still in summer clobber. Ok, so it might be getting windy and there is the possibility of , a little rain on our Sunday open day, but it's still WARM! Plus, I've been dying to try out my new super breathable, lightweight rain jacket. It's all good. I just wish that I wasn't still procrastinating on which overshoes to buy! Anyway, I'm sure all the damp weather is getting out of the way now for the last jolly of the season. A nice G2 paced ride to the Isle of Wight next week-end.

Also I attended my first club meeting on Monday (sorry it's taken a year, but work commitments and all that). It's actually really interesting to find out what makes the club tick and the stuff that happens behind the scenes. I would highly recommend anyone to attend.

Club Kit and Orders
Kalas shop opens 1st till 14th each month. When you have placed the order it is not delivered till the following month approx last 2 weeks. At the earliest time, Dave Haines will take it to Cycles UK & contact anyone with a private message through the Avanti member's list that the order is in. Please note Cycles UK is a collection point only and they do not keep club kit. Basically they are doing us a favour.

Upcoming Events
You can see the website for more details - we have the Christmas do the Wednesday before Christmas - register interest now.

CycloPark Training
Sat 27th October 14:30-16:30. This is a brilliant opportunity to learn group riding and time trial techniques, as well as stuff you didn't know you didn't know, from our qualified coaches Lee Staples and Richard Liston. It's all done on a safe off road environment. I'm signed up! Full details and sign up here

Club Open Day Rides
We are hosting another open day this Sunday. It's not only an opportunity for guests, but since all groups head to the same destination (Speedgate), its a chance to pic and mix, mix and match, whatever and maybe try stepping up a group on the outbound or inbound leg. You can always swap back, simples. Also please spread the word to anyone that you think might be interested. Oh and it's free refreshments. Graham is always raving about the culinary delights of Speedgate! I think he secretly has shares in the place.
Registration info for guests.
Event info on the website:

This weekend's Rides
The Saturday ride will be familiar to the Tuesday night riders as it's an extended ++ version to cover the obligatory 40 miles. Please indicate attendance here

It's all about the Open day as mentioned.

Enjoy your 2 wheeled adventures.