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Club Social – Monday night!

In the warm and dry which will be nice. A great chance to unwind and talk bikes, club plans, ideas and scoff free flap jacks, courtesy of Claire Clarke who has a few spare due to the unfortunate calling off of the Kentish Killer. All welcome, bring along your ideas. Location, times and info here.

Weekend rides

Please indicate your intention to ride by clicking on the relevant links below to help the ride leaders plan.

Saturday. The weather looks reasonably settled with 8/9 degrees sounding positively balmy compared to last week. Shorts anyone? With standing water and the potential of light rain in the air, best to don the mudguards even if it’s just out of respect for the person behind. 8.00 am start. Nick Patow leading. Pace to reflect the assembled group. Sign up here.

Sunday. A potential for light showers by the looks of things. Simon Lumsdon plans to head out to Llama Park, G3 pace and NOTE a 9 to 9.15 start. Sign up here.

Star Hill area roadworks this and next weekend

You might want to avoid the area as roadworks may make traffic even less predictable than normal. Here is a statement from Kent County Council, “work will be undertaken off-peak and at night and there may be occasion for temporary traffic signals at the roundabout on the weekends of 10th / 11th March and 17th / 18th March 2018, during the day. Detail here.

Why am I doing this anyway? My knees hurt.

Ever wondered why you are slogging up the 6th hill of the day, 2 more ahead? Because you love it of course but here is one reason you might not have given much thought to. Intrigued? Find out more here.

Helpers and riders – GS Avanti TT April 26

Helpers and riders request, take a look here for the details and please step forward to help your club. Helpers click here and riders here please.

And watch those cold and allergy remedies.

Have a great weekend. stay safe and if you brave the outdoors take it easy, the ice may have gone but there will be lots of standing water and tyre-threatening generic oomphka out there lurking in the potholes we love and fund so readily. Enough from me, did you really get this far? Alistair.

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